Quotes July 08, 2021

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“The interior of our skulls contains a portal to infinity.”
Grant Morrison
Let go of the boring and mundane. Embrace you higher self.
This world is a beautiful place. Give yourself a few moments out in it.
May you be surrounded by kindness and bright beauty.
No matter how dark it seems, the blue sky will return. Now is a time for patience and grief. Give yourself the give of your own kindness.
No matter where you are in the world, it will be cold and possibly snowing very soon. Enjoy where you are — right now. Being present is the kindness thing you can do for yourself and everyone around you.
Your kindness to others beautifies your life. Just a fact.
Decide that you will be kind to yourself today!
The kindest thing you can do is to work toward creating a more perfect union. What are you willing to do?
This world is filled with so many wondrous and amazing creatures, including you. Be kind to every single one of them.
Every single person you know is triggered and overwhelmed right now. Be kind. Say you’re sorry. Tell people that you love them. Share your wealth. Smile. Your kindness can change this world.