Quotes July 11, 2022

Courtesy of theCHIVE

There is no way of telling if the perfect crime has been committed.
There are thousands of Rubik’s cubes that have never been solved and never will be.
There’s definitely a good chance that someone, somewhere watched The Ring a week before they died
Mentos is to coke as Taco Bell is to stomach
Field hockey is combat golf
Maybe superheroes wear capes to hide the zipper on the back of their onesie.
Fire isn’t “fire shaped” for blind people
Someone has probably solved a major problem in their head but passed it off as stupid because they’re just average.
Whenever prescriptions mention to not operate heavy machinery, they are most likely implying something like a car, but we always think a forklift.
If humans naturally had horns, we’d probably have to shave them down to a socially acceptable length.
Being delicious to humans is one of the biggest evolutionary advantages there are. Bad for the individual, but great for the survival of the species.
Being 5 minutes early to an appointment doesn’t feel that early but being 5 minutes late feels really late.
We actually eat pizza from the center outwards
There is a finite number of people who were born the same year as you. Every time one of them dies, you are closer to being the last one.
That halftime show has to be the most viewed pole dance of all time