Quotes June 03, 2017

(From 2012 blog) A Luna-tic Tip:

“I can’t find a job!”

– – – Move to Williston, North Dakota.
“I can’t find a nice girlfriend in any of the bars”

– – – Join a volunteer group where you’re all helping others for free.
“I hate it when my friends say I’m fat!”

– – – Follow Dr. Gott’s NO FLOUR NO SUGAR diet.
“My son’s in his 20s and refuses to leave home.”

– – – Hand him an application to work at McDonalds, and kick him out.
“We don’t have the money to send our kids to college.”

– – – Then see that they learn a trade, even if they must work for minimum wage at the start.
“I want to write a book but I have no time!”

– – – Get up at 5 a.m. like I do.