Quotes October 30, 2017

Courtesy of Unknown and Anonymous at the Chive:
Fidget spinners have made me question whether I’m too old to understand a trend, or old enough to know it’s stupid
I have seen more of the surface of the Moon with my own eyes than I have of Earth.
Whenever I’m wearing a white t-shirt the odds of me getting dirty get a 100% higher.
Needing to pee in the middle of the night and not getting up is like arguing with someone when they are right and you know you’re wrong.
I’m not really scared of dying, I’m more bummed about all of the technology I’ll never get to see.
In 50 years, they’ll be able to rerun “How it’s made” by simply changing the title to “How it was Made”
The moving walkways in airports are kind of like speed boosts in games.
Read and lead rhyme and so do read and lead. But read and lead don’t rhyme and neither do read and lead.
By January 1st, 2018, everyone born in 1999 or before will be an adult. In effect, there will be no more 90s kids.