Shorpy April 13, 2017

San Francisco circa 1918. “Day-Elder bus.” Today’s entry in the Shorpy Inventory of Obsolete Omnibi poses the question: How did its passengers get on and off, or from front to back, on a vehicle whose seats seem to extend the full width of the bus? 5×7 glass negative by Christopher Helin.



March 17, 1919. “Paris. Interior of the American Red Cross garage at 79 Rue Laugier.” Note the sign advising that LOAFING IN CARS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. 5×7 inch glass negative, American National Red Cross.



Blue Earth, Minnesota. “Sept. 1951 — Dottie & Sally.” One hon and one Dalmatian. Though the dog might look spotty, she’s not Dottie, she’s Sally. 35mm Kodachrome by posthumous Shorpy contributors Grace or Hubert Tuttle.