Shorpy March 09, 2017

May 3, 1926. “Apple blossoms at Winchester, Virginia.” Nature’s palette bursting forth in a riotous rainbow of grays. 5×7 inch glass negative.



January 1939. “Unemployed miner. Herrin, Illinois.” Medium format negative by Arthur Rothstein for the Resettlement Administration. View full size.
Williamson County, Illinois, once produced 11 million tons of coal per year, and led the state in output. Since 1923, output has steadily declined until now it falls short of 2 million tons. At one time, sixteen mine-whistles blowing to work could be heard from the center of Herrin. Now only two mines are running and those will probably be abandoned within the next year. The Herrin office of the United Mine Workers of America was once the most active in the state. Today it is no longer self-sustaining. These pictures were taken in the Herrin UMWA office on a day when the mines were not working. They show the type of miners still employed in Williamson County but faced with the almost certain prospect of being discarded by the industry when the last mine is closed. (A.R., Jan. 1939)


June 1943. Silver Spring, Maryland. “Man repairing his automobile.” Drive Carefully! Photo by Ann Rosener, Office of War Information.