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Military October 23, 2021

Military.com: Congress Faces Decision on Military Justice Overhaul and more ->
Task & Purpose: Air Force medical group commander fired after less than 4 months on the job She was relieved of command over “loss of trust and confidence in her ability to lead and maintain readiness,” according to the service.; Meet James Kilcer, the Marine veteran seen disarming a robber in a viral video The Yuma County Sheriff will present him with a citizens valor award.; A paratrooper turned movie advisor explains why shootings like Alec Baldwin’s shouldn’t happen “If there’s lessons to be learned by everybody, then there’s lessons to be learned. I’d like to think that the whole industry, globally, will take those lessons on board.”
Just A Car Guy: then, and now. Fighter planes from the USS Lexington, found by the Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen search team, in the Coral Sea
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Just A Car Guy: Larry L is wondering if anyone can name the guys who served with his grandfather, on Tinian, photographed with the B 29s Slave Girl, Lady ion Waiting, and Go Sal, and were in the Tinian Hunt Club together Sam Weintraub