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907 Updates January 27, 2017

Chris Klint: Parents criticize school district over Thursday decision to open schools despite slick roads


Chris Klint: Ahead of snowy forecast, freezing rain causes havoc on Anchorage-area roads


How does SB 91 affect criminals & victims?

Jerzy Shedlock: Charges describe ‘execution’ of 17-year-old in Government Hill


Chris Klint: Women targeted in late-night Anchorage armed robberies


Federal courts?

Jerzy Shedlock: Troopers: Fairbanks teen online threatened to shoot classmates



 Alli Harvey: Grateful for the outdoor wonders Alaska offers (and I can experience)


Erin Kirkland: Sample grab bag of winter trail activities at Campbell Creek Science Center


Luc Mehl: Essential Alaska gear: Leukotape




907 Updates January 26, 2017

Who benefits from this?
Zaz Hollander: Alaska’s sweeping new crime law already under pressure for change


Jerzy Shedlock: Midtown Anchorage fire being investigated as an arson and homicide


What do you think?  
Devin Kelly: Snowplows or more cops? That’s the choice, says Anchorage mayor


Miranda Weiss: Why I live where I live

907 Updates January 25, 2017

Alex DeMarban: Southcentral Foundation sues tribal health partner, charging ‘power grab’ tied to pay raises


Remember the math program that failed students forever 17 years?  School board knew it wasn’t working but kept using it.  The school board has not shown common sense in the past, so now they are spending money they really don’t have.
Tegan Hanlon: School Board votes to spend over $10M in savings



Congratulations Andrew Kurka!
Beth Bragg: Alaska sit-skier Andrew Kurka blazes to world championship


Devin Kelly: Assembly rejects most ballot questions but OKs vote for parks service area


Tank Farms venting? No concerns over health issues?
Annie Zak: Condo development planned for Ship Creek land owned by Alaska Railroad



Presented by BP SPONSORED:  At Cottonwood Creek Elementary, a lesson in the power of perseverance
The most valuable lesson? Hard work and determination will get you far in the classroom, and in life.

907 Updates January 24, 2017

Jerzy Shedlock, Chris Klint: Seward declares emergency amid forecast of more rain and snow for Southcentral Alaska



Other means of fixing the deficit?
Nathaniel Herz: Deficit-reduction bills from Walker would freeze pay for 2,250 state workers



Land in soft snow on wheels~ Fortunately only his wallet and pride were hurt.
Laurel Andrews: Pilot picked up from plane ‘nosed over’ in Katmai National Park

Athabascan Woman Blog: Woman’s March on Anchorage Youth Report



No more hockey and he should be expelled from school.
Stephan Wiebe: Soldotna suspends hockey captain for racist Twitter remarks

907 Updates January 23, 2017

Postage for his letter of resignation?
Nathaniel Herz: Rural Alaska legislator billed state more than $20,000 to ship appliances, piano



One bullet each, but from the front so they can see it coming.
Michelle Theriault Boots: Shooting of teenager killed on Government Hill captured on surveillance video




Chris Klint: British Columbia avalanche kills Anchorage woman; 2 companions survive



Events postponed indefinitely after Dome roof collapses


Michelle Theriault Boots: Anchorage sports dome collapses under snow


Michelle Theriault Boots:  Fierce storm drops a foot of snow on Anchorage in 24 hours



Comments as an instructor and/or student?
Presented by Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium: SPONSORED: Educational institutions statewide are embracing technology to help students achieve their higher education goals.



907 Updates January 22, 2017

Nathaniel Herz: As clock ticked toward session, Alaska lawmakers turned to lobbyists for cash


Our neighbor had planned to leave yesterday morning to head down the Alcan with his two dogs and towing a  28′ trailer.  He did not go anywhere, it doesn’t look good for today either.   I asked if he was gong to take anyone with him and he replied no, that he’s  a professional truck driver and knows all about it. We wish him the best. However he has a lot going against him:  1) he’s under a time constraint, 2) has a 1/2 ton truck, 3) traveling alone on a road he’s never been on.
Suzanna Caldwell: Heavy snowfall in Anchorage leads to whiteout conditions, road closures


Kim Sunée: Cold days call for hearty cooking, and this bean chili fits the bill



What’s Going on at Storyknife in January


907 Updates January 21, 2017



Laurel Andrews: Investigation finds former moonlighting Fairbanks chief had a conflict of interest


Alaska Dispatch News: Alaska Dispatch News poll: Same-sex marriage


2017 Anchorage Folk Festival January 19th – 29th


Courtney Brooke Smith: Rasmuson Foundation Announces $5M Grant to The Alaska Community Foundation

907 Updates January 20, 2017

Obviously it’s not important to them.
Nathaniel Herz: Budget presentation by Walker administration marked by lawmakers’ empty seats


People need to pay attention. They need to stay in their lanes. Beautiful summer day, roads are clearly, repeatedly marked: construction zone, double fine zone, no passing zone, 45mph and we saw a woman pass the cop directly in front of her.  I imagine the ticket he wrote was expensive and had a few points against her license.
Devin Kelly: Picturesque but accident-prone stretch of Seward Highway inches toward upgrades


Chris Klint: Survey: Alaska women report ‘very high’ rate of stalking


 Ingrid D. Johnson: Reject any normalization of sexual violence


What needs be done to get the message across to these creeps(?) that their actions are not acceptable? Jail time,  learning lesson, restitution?
Laurel Andrews: 3 suspected of breaking into vacant Anchorage rental home arrested for burglary, criminal mischief

907 Updates January 19, 2017

-26 @7am.


Nathaniel Herz: Walker renews call for budget reforms: ‘Denial doesn’t make the problem go away’



Scary and disgusting.  Sexual assault victims are left hanging.  How many court cases, convictions will be thrown out due to evidence issues?
Michelle Theriault Boots: Audit finds new $90 million Alaska crime lab hasn’t met expectations


Thank you God!   
Devin Kelly: City attorneys reject initiative targeting Anchorage anti-discrimination law



Laurel Andrews: Proposed expansion of skiing and boarding festival near Valdez draws concern 


Congratulations Chief Master Sergeant of the Alaska Air National Guard Joyce Davis!
By Angelique Fiske: Robert Kraft surprises Chief Master Sergeant from Alaska

907 Updates January 18, 2017

-17, 8:00 am  Fortunately we have some snow to help insulate the ground.


Alex DeMarban: Following bankruptcy, Cook Inlet Energy plans exploration well


He blacked out from drinking but beat an unconscious man to death?
Chris Klint: Police: Man who made fun of his girlfriend killed by her son


Nathaniel Herz: Alaska lawmakers begin 2017 session cheerfully, but rifts lurk below the surface



By Jeff Baird: Changes to the Individual Artist Awards Program