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907 Updates November 26, 2016

Nathaniel Herz: Alaska Gov. Walker looks to local leaders for help lobbying lawmakers on budget plan


Suzanna Caldwell: Four found dead in Fairbanks hotel room




Zaz Hollander: An ambitious state study aims to reduce Mat-Su moose crashes



Mike Dunham: Inupiaq artist Allison Warden lives her art for 2-month installation piece at Anchorage Museum



Ned Rozell: Bowhead whales might be the longest-lived mammals on the planet



Erica Martinson: Alaskan Bob Gillam wants to be U.S. Interior secretary

907 Updates November 25, 2016

Additional corners for those who are self-employed~?
Annie Zak: A well-trafficked Spenard corner has big changes in store


Tegan Hanlon:  Iditarod bans mushers from carrying sled dogs in trailers, and some aren’t happy


Jerzy Shedlock: In a first, state sues company over an abandoned barge in a slough near Bethel


907 Updates November 24, 2016

2.7+ this morning

Jerzy Shedlock: Snow forecast for Southcentral Alaska starting Thanksgiving night


And the saga continues~
Annie Zak: Kenai borough Assembly votes — again — to change invocation rules



I hope it is a small side.

I hope it is a small side.






907 Updates November 23, 2016

One bullet each for his attackers.
Michelle Theriault Boots: Mountain View man beaten with hammer not expected to fully recover


Tegan Hanlon: Anchorage teacher wins national award worth $25,000


Laurel Andrews: 8 grams of marijuana surrendered at Fairbanks airport clarifies rules on flying with pot in Alaska


I encourage the Board of Regent Members, University staff and management to pay for these programs they are so passionate about. They can also donate their entire PFD’s for as long they are eligible to receive them or the PFD program lasts.

Ask accounting, financial management students to go through the school budgets, etc. and determine how and where to cut costs to provide for athletic programs.
Jo Heckman: Alaskans need to pony up for university sports




907 Updates November 22, 2016

Tegan Hanlon: Anchorage inmate dies after apparent suicide attempt, DOC says


Chris Klint: Volunteers continue search for Palmer teen as troopers investigate


How much longer can the Legislature drag this out? No conflict of interest??
Nathaniel Herz: Dispute over Legislature’s Anchorage offices could end in court


Annie Zak: New app lets you Alaska-fy your text messages





907 Updates November 21, 2016

Devin Kelly: New report offers a more in-depth look at Alaska’s many sexual assault cases


Chris Klint: Anchorage fire officials warn neglected chimneys could lead to winter fires


Michelle Theriault Boots: Kenai Peninsula’s first retail pot shop set to open

907 Updates November 20, 2016

Jerzy Shedlock: Anchorage police investigate shooting outside downtown warehouse rented out for private event


Tegan Hanlon:  How can investigators trace bullets to a particular gun?


Jerzy Shedlock: Wasilla man gets more than 13 years for kidnapping 2 girls in North Pole


Internal Investigation~
Tegan Hanlon: Blood Bank of Alaska internal investigation finds no wrongdoing


Annie Zak: Texting in Alaska Native languages? It just got easier thanks to a new app.


Alaska Dispatch News: Food hacks, recipes and traditions that these Alaska foodies will be turning to this week




907 Updates November 19, 2016

Michelle Theriault Boots: Video of an Anchorage man holding a ‘Deport all Mexicans’ sign went viral. But there’s more to the story.


Suzanna Caldwell: Sun sets in Barrow for the last time till Jan. 22


The Hannah Yoter Band



907 Updates November 18, 2016

So those who go to, rely on Planned Parenthood for care and safe pregnancy(s) care do not matter?  Has this POS had a vasectomy?
Jerzy Shedlock:  Charges: Wasilla man threatened to blow up an Anchorage Planned Parenthood clinic


Mike Dunham: Nancy McGuire, publisher of the Nome Nugget for 34 years, dead at 72


Devin Kelly: Demolition of derelict hotel in Midtown Anchorage is expected to start in December


Elise Viebeck, Philip Rucker, David Nakamura, The Washington Post: Trump picks Sen. Sessions for attorney general, Rep. Pompeo for CIA

907 Updates November 17, 2016

Excellent!  Now the folks who brought the suit should have to pay court costs~
Alaska Dispatch News: Judge tosses legal challenge to Walker’s PFD veto


Nathaniel Herz: Gov. Walker shakes up executive office, announces new chief of staff


Why are those who do not wish to provide for themselves being rewarded?
Where are the housing units for men, women, children, those who are homeless due to causes beyond their immediate control?
Devin Kelly: Apartments for Anchorage’s long-term homeless open near downtown