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Elections Snafu August 30, 2016

Have you volunteered or worked at an election place?  Method you use to vote and why?

Electronically, absentee ballot or behind the curtains at the polling place?


Nathaniel Herz: Alaska elections director tells lawmakers: Division will fix ‘training gaps’

Over the course of nearly three hours, the panel of lawmakers, plus an audience made up almost entirely of Republican activists, staffers and party officials, pored over reports of election irregularities compiled by mainstream media outlets, as well as websites run by Suzanne Downing, the Alaska Republican Party’s spokeswoman, and Craig Medred, a paid consultant to the Republican-led Senate majority.



Information from the Alaska Division of Elections

General Information

The Division of Elections is looking for individuals to serve as election workers before, during and after Election Day. It takes hundreds of election workers to conduct an election. Election workers span the generation gap from high school students to senior citizens and mirror the amazing diversity of our state. Most important, election workers put a face on the election process and they make voters feel confident about voting. Without their time, energy and dedication, elections simply would not happen.

In Alaska, rural communities are in need of election workers and/or translators who, in addition to English, are fluent in speaking the local Alaska Native languages. Bilingual election workers are needed to provide language assistance to Alaska Native voters who have limited English proficiency. In the Kodiak area, bilingual election workers are needed to provide language assistance in the Filipino (Tagalog) language.

You will receive training prior to the election that will teach you everything you need to know.


Playgrounds in Anchorage & the Valley August 30, 2016

Are the Playgrounds & Vacant Lots you used still available?  If not, do you know what happened them?  I know what happened to the “chain” Vacant Lot Playground I used.  My 0-Lot Line was built on it.


Anchorage boasts 223 parks with 82 playgrounds: Some are in the middle of residential areas, and others feel like they’ve been manicured into the center of the wilderness. As you head north to Wasilla, Palmer, and Talkeetna, you’ll find even more playgrounds that take advantage of the unique assets of their locations. Here’s a list of our top picks.

Listing of “the best” playgrounds and parks in Anchorage:


(Colleen) Carlson, a former outdoor educator turned playground advocate, thought she knew Anchorage parks and playgrounds before she gave birth to James. Once she and her husband made the decision that she would stay home to raise their son, Carlson found it important for body and soul to get out of the house as much as possible, so she frequented her favorite nature-themed parks, then playgrounds, as James grew up. One week, she happened to meet the same dad at two different parks.

Erin Kirkland: Playing up Anchorage: New book reviews playgrounds of Alaska’s biggest city


Colleen Carlson:  133 Anchorage Playgrounds $16.95


What Do I Know? Pont Alexander III August 30, 2016

[NOTE:  All the pictures get sharper when you click on them.]
This reminds me to stop complaining about dragging around my Canon rebel, which takes much better pictures than my Canon Spotmatic, but doesn’t fit easily into my pocket.  Paragraphs like these help me figure out who I am and what I’m doing on this blog.  Though I can think of friends who would disagree, I don’t think I’m as obsessed – my attention is too scattered over too many things – but I do think about documentation of things and people that are often overlooked.  And as patient and tolerant as my wife is, I need to mind her needs as well as mine.

What Do I Know? Pont Alexander III

Our Third Thirds: State Fair August 30, 2016


Every inch of the Fair is a memory: my first visit to the Rat Race when I’d just moved here and I thought Alaska was INSANE; the time infant Sophie fell off a straw bale in the petting zoo and was buried in rabbits; the Kirby vacuum guy who then made a house call; the reptiles that still give me the total creeps. The sauerkraut lesson Judith and I took; my total envy when I first spied the Cabbage Ladies’ outfits. One year, I even told stories on the Colony Stage!

Our Third Thirds

Missing Shops In This Strip Mall? August 30, 2016

Another One-Stop Shop/Strip (Yikes)  Mall.  Sleeping outside waiting for Concert Tickets, Movie Tickets, Christmas Shopping and now for an eatery to open.


On Monday afternoon, about 50 people — some of whom took off work or skipped school — were already in line with plans to camp out overnight for the opening of the national franchise and the promise of a year of free doughnuts for the first 100 people through the doors. The new store, set to open in a building that also houses a BurgerFi (reviews) restaurant and a yet-to-open Body Renew gym, marks the first Krispy Kreme in Alaska.


Suzanna Caldwell: Doughnut diehards line up outside Alaska’s first-ever Krispy Kreme

School Life & Real Life Experience

What other options are available to receive work/real life experience for those graduating or just graduated?

Internships helped these three ANSEP students zero in on career goals after graduation.

Presented by Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Future engineers gain real-world experience through summer program

Tiny Home Problems August 29, 2016

No easy and economical solutions for where one can place a “Tiny Home.”  Do you know anyone who has a tiny home and what they have done regarding a place to park it?

Zaz Hollander: Visions of Felony Flats: Wasilla says no to tiny houses, for now



ASD Abuse “It’s For The Children” August 29, 2016

Would be fantastic if an abused child could so easily be freed of the long term effects as their abuser’s are. Wonder if she will be allowed employment around children?

Julianti Clarke. agreed to plead guilty to second-degree harassment, and the first-degree charge was dismissed. She then completed 48 hours of community service, and prosecutors dismissed the entire case, according to court documents.

Tegan Hanlon: Lawsuit accuses Anchorage School District of mishandling teacher investigation



Don Young No New News August 29, 2016

He is seeing his 23rd Term in Congress Fall of 21016.  The crook you know better than the crook you don’t?

Nathaniel Herz: U.S. Rep. Don Young’s ownership in his family’s farm, with gas leases, wasn’t disclosed for years

Contact Governor Walker

Contact Governor Walker

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Invite the Governor

Please fill out the form if you would like to invite Governor Bill Walker to attend or participate in an event. If you have any questions regarding our scheduling process, please contact the Governor’s scheduler at (907) 465-3500.

The Governor’s scheduling office will contact you to follow up per your request. You will be notified of the Governor’s availability for the requested date.

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