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907 Updates February 08, 2017

Chris Klint: Anchorage contractor fined $280K after worker fatally crushed


Chris Klint: Police officer and woman stabbed during fight at Muldoon grocery store


Chris Klint: ATM ripped from wall of Midtown Anchorage credit union


Thank you Freshman Alaska Rep. David Eastman
Wasilla lawmaker aims to halt legislative rule-breaking by changing the rule


Tegan Hanlon: Faced with increasing health-care costs, Anchorage School District is contracting for a clinic


Rachel Weingarten: Alaska’s Female Fishermen (Yes, That’s Really a Thing) On Gender Labels, Finding Zen and Weathering Life’s Storms

907 Updates February 07, 2017

Erica Martinson: Alaska Sen. Sullivan takes a new shot at breaking up the 9th Circuit court


How does, will  SB 91 figure into these crimes?

Chris Klint: APD: Denny’s restaurant and customers robbed at gunpoint

Jerzy Shedlock: Anchorage police: Phone thief fights with officers during arrest



Tegan Hanlon: Anchorage School District suggests cutting 99 full-time teaching positions to close $15M budget gap


Tegan Hanlon: UAF faculty joins UAA’s in voting no confidence in university president


Devin Kelly:  How an indoor farm in Midtown Anchorage could help at-risk youth

907 Updates February 06, 2017

Nathaniel Herz: Alaska Legislature funded lame-duck trips to Las Vegas and Quebec, even as it scales back overall travel

Lame Duck




Alex DeMarban: Energy royalty audits and adjustments brought Alaska an additional $117 million in 2016



Dermot Cole: At 100, Fairbanksan Al Weber finds himself looking ahead, not back



Congratulations Marjorie Tahbone!
Rue Kaladyte: Meet Alaska’s fastest woman with an ulu



Rue Kaladyte: Photos: 2017 Alaska Ski for Women



Jim Paulin, The Dutch Harbor Fisherman: Unalaska’s popular police blotter falls victim to staffing shortages



Annie Zak: New apprenticeship programs aim to train Alaska workers amid a tough job market


Tegan Hanlon:  Alaska’s two top education officials, Johnsen and Johnson, unite with goal to strengthen education

907 Updates February 05, 2017

Does your school district have similar heritage skill set programs?  If so, what are they?
Lisa Demer: Kuskokwim schools want local teachers with both college credentials and Yup’ik skills


Nathaniel Herz: Alaska Gov. Walker won’t say if he voted for Trump. He just wants his help.



Loren Holmes: Photos: 2017 Icy River Rampage fat tire bike race



Kim Sunée:’Tis the season for cheesy skillets of queso fundido



Aleesha Towns-Bain Rasmuson Foundation: Nominate A Distinguished Artist



Frank Jeffries: University of Alaska is on a pathway to decline

907 Updates February 04, 2017

Will you be participating?
Beth Bragg: Snow conditions are ideal for the Alaska Ski for Women




Alex DeMarban: Alaska lost another 9,000 jobs in third quarter for biggest decline since oil prices crashed



Same person or persons?  Do you think it’s the same creeps, now adults,  that killed /tortured the pet turkey? Have you experienced animals, wild or domesticated, being systematically shot/killed where you live?
Jerzy Shedlock: A third moose shot and killed in Anchorage



Nathaniel Herz: Walker administration abruptly fires Alaska State Parks director



What does your state allow to be purchased by food stamps?
Suzanna Caldwell Survey: Few food stamp recipients used them to purchase subsistence gear

907 Updates February 03, 2017

Jerzy Shedlock: Teen charged with manslaughter in fatal 2016 Anchorage collision



Why would anyone consider this a good idea to begin with?
Laurel Andrews: State abandons proposal for in-store marijuana consumption



Alex DeMarban: Paperwork for settlement between Alaska gas producer and federal agency was lost



Chris Klint: Moose swept away by avalanche near Hatcher Pass as danger remains high



Suzanna Caldwell: Frozen Portage Lake seems to be getting more visitors. Is it safe?



Devin Kelly: Frustrated about snow removal? Here are some resources in Anchorage



Devin Kelly: Anchorage city workers battle snow-moving scofflaws



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907 Updates February 02, 2017


Chances of re-election are increased by voting against Trump nominee~
Erica Martinson: Murkowski to vote against Trump nominee for education secretary



Eliminate prison overcrowding by swift punishment at the first crime.   What is the incentive to stop if nothing is going to happen to them?
Zaz Hollander: Alaska Legislature already considering changes to controversial crime bill


How does SB 91 apply in punishment?
Chris Klint, Jerzy Shedlock  APD: DUI driver in fatal crash convinced passenger to take the blame



Chris Klint: 2 moose shot and killed in Anchorage, troopers say




Yereth Rosen: NASA research flight around the world pauses in Anchorage



Tegan Hanlon: Low snow on Iditarod race trail could move restart to Fairbanks




Alex DeMarban: Mine prospect near Nome could help make batteries for laptops and cars



Bill Streever: Amazing underwater world revealed at Smitty’s Cove in Whittier

907 Updates February 01, 2017

Chris Klint: APD: Overnight death in Fairview neighborhood under investigation


Michelle Theriault Boots: A quick-thinking witness and a front-end loader save Anchorage pedestrian pinned by truck



Devin Kelly: Anchorage settles with remaining contractors in port lawsuit for a fraction of claimed loss


Jeannette Lee Falsey: After years of growth, the Anchorage housing market has flattened



Diana Marszalek:  Trio of Women Take Charge at Gray’s Alaska Stations


Charles Wohlforth : Alaska woman’s know-how could change how loans are made in Rwandan villages


Samantha Angaiak: Alaska Military Youth Academy cadets learn hands on skills to carry outside of the classroom

907 Updates January 31, 2017

Lisa Demer: New brand of borough aimed at cheaper energy, but critics worry it could do more harm than good


Comments?  Lobbyists, good work if you can get it, eh?
Nathaniel Herz: Is it time for a lobbyist union? Lawmaker proposes industry tax


Congratulations Ron Doubt and Michael Mahoney
Studying the sea: How one Mt. Edgecumbe educator works to prepare students for life
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When politicians are not sure how to vote I often think they are waiting to figure out how it effects their re-election possibilities.
Alaskans crowd Murkowski’s Anchorage office to protest DeVos education nomination

907 Updates January 30, 2017

Devin Kelly: What’s happening in the Anchorage city election? Here’s what you need to know.


Where is this money coming from?
Tegan Hanlon: Anchorage School District hires lobbyist for monthly fee of $10,000


Presented by Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium: Training leaders at home
SPONSORED: Alaska schools create distance learning opportunities with technology.