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Congratulations Jordyn Baker!

Congratulations to Jordyn Baker, Culinary arts instructor Kellie Puff , and the King Career Center Jordyn Baker, Alaska teen wins national baking competition   King Career Center      

Problems and Corrections?

Do you have any familiarity with these programs and how well do they work? Is this a proactive, reactive and most importantly an effective community policing idea?   Maybe folks could sit in a circle and sing of romance, harmony and brotherhood.  Then when that doesn’t work as planned,  the hard-ass SWAT, Delta folks can …

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University Sports: The costs and benefits for all?

Colleges can not support themselves and provide quality education for all students.  What guidelines are used to determine necessity and how many students benefit?   Beth Bragg, Doyle Woody University budget report puts Alaska college hockey in crosshairs    

South Anchorage Farmers Market – Saturday

9 am – 2 pm @ Subway/Cellular One Sports Centre (the corner of Old Seward and O’Malley) South Anchorage Farmers Market – Saturday

Whale Bones Viewing August 19, 2016

  10 Places Where You Can See Whale Bones Outside a Museum Whales figure into town arches, church façades, and more. by Eric Grundhauser August 17, 2016    

Qatar’s $25,000 Grant to Alaska’s Domestic Violence Shelter Improvements Program

Difference between a Donation and a Grant The Grant is from the people, not his Excellency, and what strings are attached? Courtesy of The Rasmuson Organization: His Excellency Mohammed Jaham Al Kuwari, Qatar’s Ambassador to the United States, today announced a $25,000 grant from the people of Qatar to the Domestic Violence Shelter Improvements Program administered …

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Pilot Incompetence August 18, 2016

Pilot in command had his head up and locked. Fortunately none was serious injured.  The pilot had time and multiple opportunities to prevent the deliberate crash.  He had plenty of time to stop the aircraft before it hit the bank.   Crash Done rapidly or urgently and involving a concentrated effort. “a crash course in …

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Alaska Elections August 18, 2016

Have you worked or volunteered in the election process? Our Third Thirds What it’s like to work a polling place for a 15% turnout election: Best excuses for losing an election? Seven incumbents out of Legislature after low-turnout primary  

Banking & Pot August 17, 2016

Can the I.R.S. resolve these banking issues? Comments on banks closing out personal accounts because they are scared? What is going to happen when Pot & Hemp are legalized? Will there be a new bank just for business, will they allow business and personal accounts? Brings new meaning to the term: “All my money in …

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AWAIC Paint Nite

Wednesday, August 31 7:00PM Hard Rock Cafe 415 E. Street Anchorage, AK $45.00 Event details: Raise your glass to a NEW kind of night out! Paint Nite® invites you to create your own unique piece of art, guided by a professional artist and party host. You’ll spend two hours painting, laughing, and flexing your creative …

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