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907 Updates June 29, 2017

By Ashleigh Ebert & Sidney Sullivan: One person fatally stabbed, APD searching for suspect
Jerzy Shedlock: 11 passengers removed from Alaska Airlines flight for ‘disruptive behavior’

By Associated Press: Walker picked for energy roundtable at the White House
Michelle Theriault Boots Report: State failings in 2 child-protection cases are a symptom of deeper problems
By Travis Khachatoorian: New APD tool aims to cut traffic time after fatal Seward Highway crashes
By Samantha Angaiak: Black bear cub draws visitors, but biologist warns it may not be an orphan
By Rebecca Palsha / KTUU: His mother missed his birthday and high school graduation– a teenager talks about the impacts of opioid abuse

907 Updates June 28, 2017

By Travis Khachatoorian: Assembly passes ordinance to seek more crime tips from sex workers

By Leroy Polk: Police search for two groups seen ‘driving around and shooting at each other’

By Kyle Hopkins: A hotel with no guests, a bar with no liquor: Hard times at Spenard’s Paradise Inn

By KTVA Web Staff: Bear attack victims seek community support
By Lauren Maxwell: ‘If you’re ever going to take bear safety seriously, do it this year’

907 Updates June 27, 2017

By Ashleigh Ebert: $180K stolen from youth hockey association

By Rebecca Palsha: Less money, less time and slower caseloads for the Alaska Court System
“From the average Alaskans perspective if you’re a witness or a victim of a crime or you’re a family member of someone effected by a crime, or their a defendant or a victim it means that there’s likely further delays in the criminal justice system,” Clint Campion Anchorage District Attorney said, “so the delay is a lack of, closure is probably the wrong word, but there’s a lack of finality in terms of it doesn’t happen as fast as we’d like to see it happen.”

Author: Devin Kelly Public officials selling pot: What to know about Tuesday’s Assembly meeting
Comments on Roundabouts where you live?
By Heather Hintze: Klatt Road roundabout design concerns some drivers

Must Read Alaska June 26, 2017

Source: Must Read Alaska

907 Updates June 26, 2017

Author: Devin Kelly Sullivan Arena posts $600,000 operating loss for 2016, well before Aces exit
In good times, which stretch back more than a decade, the arena split its profit with the city. In 2015, the city received $15,165, deposited into a capital reserve account for future repairs and renovations.

If the arena loses money, it’s up to the city to cover the gap, according to the contract signed in 2011. That means backfilling where revenues fall short of expenses, within a limit set each year by a complex formula.
By Associated Press: Former Alaska jail inmate becomes drug counselor after release
By Associated Press: Marijuana control board to revisit on-site pot consumption in July
By Travis Khachatoorian: New funds requested to complete already over budget Loussac Library
By Daniella Rivera Photojournalist: Nick Swann: Alaskans avoiding Bird Ridge trail following fatal black bear mauling
For Alaskans concerned about being out on the trails, Fish and Game says the next opportunity to learn about staying safe in bear country is during REI’s free bear and moose aware clinic on July 11, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the REI Classroom at 1200 W. Northern Lights Blvd. More information can be found here.
Author: Michelle Theriault Boots ‘I can’t exaggerate how fast this was’: JBER cyclist mauled by brown bear
By Emily Carlson: The women who built the Trans-Alaska Pipeline
Author: Suzanna Caldwell: The woman who’s trying to put local meat on plates in Anchorage restaurants
Author: Doug Capra: A 1945 ship, restored and ready to work another salmon run in Bristol Bay

907 Updates June 25, 2017

By Victoria Taylor: Gov. Walker signs bill establishing Indigenous Peoples Day in Alaska
By Samantha Angaiak: Thousands of Alaskans attend Equality Parade during Pride week
Comments on dismissing Domestic Violence charges? How does dismissing charges work out for abusers and victims in the long run?
By KTUU Staff: Travis Beals allowed to race Iditarod XLVI in spite of previous domestic violence charges

By Travis Khachatoorian: “Alaskans on edge” after two deadly bear attacks in one week
By Daniella Rivera Photojournalist: Beth Peak: Alaskans rally ahead of U.S. Senate health care vote

Carnival Saturday Market

Final weekend for Solstice Carnival, so the Market will again be in the Air UP parking lot. Look for the tents, they only move a tad north to the next parking lot. Additional parking to the rear or the AIR UP building. The good news is that our loyal customers may enjoy the market AND the carnival!

Carnival Saturday Market

Every Saturday
May 13 – October 14
900 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Subway/ Cellular One
Sports Center
(corner of Old Seward and O’Malley)

907 Updates June 24, 2017

By Kyle Hopkins: State apologizes to Alaska widow after body mix-up

By Leroy Polk: Anchorage man sentenced for pointing sawed off shotgun at federal officer
The sentence handed down by U.S. District Judge
Sharon L. Gleason was for roughly three and a half years, followed by three years of supervised release and 120 hours of community service.

By KTVA Web Staff: Crow Pass Crossing race canceled over safety concerns
By Travis Khachatoorian: Returning to Colony Glacier to look for victims of deadly 1952 crash

By Daybreak Staff: Feats of strength and skill at the 2017 Scottish Highland Games

By Daybreak Staff: Mic Check in the Morning: The AnGry Brians

Author: Ned Rozell A walk along Alaska’s oil pipeline reveals a changed landscape

Interpreting Alaska Native Art through Rauschenberg and Benjamin | Arts & Entertainment | anchoragepress.com

Interpreting Alaska Native Art through Rauschenberg and Benjamin | Arts & Entertainment | anchoragepress.com

I am at Pleiades Gallery in New York City for my own solo show “Underpinnings, Truth is Found Beneath Surfaces.” Using strong colors, often clashing, I paint what is often overlooked: ropes on a dock; basement pipes; yes, hydrants. Presenting paintings to a Chelsea audience or putting my ego onto a wall is always daunting, but hopefully makes me a more sensitive art critic.

907 Updates June 23, 2017

Author: Doyle Woody: After bear-mauling tragedy, mountain race organizers focus on trail safety

Laurel Andrews, Jerzy Shedlock: ‘It came up from behind them and attacked’: Biologists ‘courageous’ in battle against bear

Author: Jack Cooper’s family A message from Jack Cooper’s family

Author: Erin Johnson’s family A message from Erin Johnson’s family

By Ashleigh Ebert & Austin Baird: Lawmakers approve budget compromise averting government shutdown

By Caslon Hatch: Effort to add more security cameras on UAA’s campus moving forward

Author: Jeff Lowenfels: Don’t plant mayday trees. Don’t even let your existing ones remain.

Author: Vicky Ho Start your hike early, or be willing to face the consequences

Author: Jerzy Shedlock: Human toe stolen from cocktail returned to Yukon bar, with letter of apology

On August 21, 14 states will experience about two minutes of darkness as the eclipse crosses from coast to coast.
By Nikki Carvajal: Alaska to get partial view of solar activity during upcoming ‘great American eclipse’

KTUU: The basics of personal flotation devices