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907 Updates July 24, 2017

Laurel Andrews: Galena family’s cabins destroyed by fire, and a threatening note was found at the scene
By Sean Maguire: Gray whale calf spotted swimming up Ship Creek
By Samantha Angaiak: Bikers deliver toys to children for Christmas in July
By Juan Montes: The Alaska Legislature is coming back to vote on the state Capital budget next week

Congratulations Dan Carpenter!
By Juan Montes: KTUU reporter delivers on his promise and participates in W.E.I.O. games
Author: Suzanna Caldwell: Here’s what it takes to keep Katmai’s famous bear cams running

907 Updates July 23, 2017

By Victoria Taylor: Stubbs the cat, unofficial Mayor of Talkeetna, passes away
Mayor Stubbs/Nagley’s Store
PO Box 413
Talkeetna, AK 99676
By Patrick Enslow: Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson visits Anchorage for football camp
Comments on using the app and other possibilities?
By Kalinda Kindle: New App encourages kids to explore Chugach National Park
By Victoria Taylor: Alaska startup week encourages entrepreneurial exploration
By AP: Veteran prosecutor nominated to be the next U.S Attorney for the District of Alaska
By Samantha Angaiak: Anchorage residents take bike tour of local gardens in Spenard

By Juan Montes: Event at shooting range raises funds for wounded Veterans
By Lisa Demer: ‘Swimming to the other side’: A big move for Bethel’s Jesuit volunteers

Author: Alex DeMarban Mystery surrounds only oil well drilled in ANWR

Amid deep grief, remembering Jack Cooper’s joyous life – Alaska Dispatch News

Amid deep grief, remembering Jack Cooper’s joyous life – Alaska Dispatch News

907 Updates July 22, 2017

Is attempted or murder of a police officer figured into the SB91 madness?
By Leroy Polk: Anchorage man arrested for attempted murder of police officers

By Bonney Bowman Photojournalist: Beth Peak: Inside the Gates: PTSD service dog guards the Guardian Angels
By Sean Maguire: G.I. Bill reforms would eliminate 15-year expiration date to use educational benefits
Author: Laurel Andrews: Avoid Campbell Creek trails in Far North Bicentennial Park until fall, bear experts say
Author: Lisa Demer: Camp aims to create homegrown scientists on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta
By Blake Essig: Scuba divers part of USCG Cutter Healy’s arctic mission
By Mike Ross: Vice President Mike Pence talks to KTUU about health care debate
By Patrick Enslow: Community mourns the loss of Bartlett High student
By Beth Verge: Thieves swipe solar panels from elderly Wasilla couple
By Leroy Polk: VIDEO: What one Alaskan did after dropping her gun into an outhouse toilet
By Dave Leval Photojournalist: John Thain: Rule change over feathers allows Alaskan Native artists to sprout wings

907 Updates July 21, 2017

By Kyle Hopkins: In Ketchikan, the story of a doctor’s mysterious death and the arrest of a former exotic dancer
By Sean Maguire: Emergency mental health care extended to veterans with other-than honorable discharges
By Mike Ross: Pipeline at 40: Robots on patrol for corrosion
By Sidney Sullivan: PHOTOS: 2017 World Eskimo-Indian Olympics
By Leroy Polk: Fishing ship declared missing with six people aboard has been found, officials say
By Steffi Lee Photojournalist: John Thain: Woman thinks people who helped her get to the hospital likely stole her car
By Chris Klint: Port Graham man charged with faking his disappearance at sea
Author: Loren Holmes: Alaska Mountain Rugby Grounds impresses teams from around the world
Author: Dermot Cole Underground Alaska and one of the most dangerous jobs in the world

Darlene Hamre  Twenty-five years in the pilot’s seat  July 20, 2017

Twenty-five years in the pilot’s seat

907 Updates July 20, 2017

By Blake Essig: DA’s office has tough time prosecuting vehicle theft suspects
By Victoria Taylor: Anchorage business owner thrown from car while chasing thief
By Cameron Mackintosh: APD responds to early morning collision between train and SUV
By Rebecca Palsha: Why 15 seconds is too long for Anchorage police dispatch
By Austin Baird: Proposed housing center for homeless seniors met with mixed reactions
By Lauren Maxwell: Assemblyman objects to new shelter downtown
By Leroy Polk: Alaska radio station fined more than $60K for violating broadcast rules
By Patrick Enslow: Ostrander named Mountain West female athlete of the year.
By KTVA Web Staff: Joe Balash gets Federal appointment by Trump administration
Author: Charles Wohlforth: Meet a cab driver who raised 7 children on his own — 6 Marines and an engineering student
By Dave Goldman: AFC leaves Sullivan Arena for newer Alaska Airlines Center

Driving the McCarthy Road – Should you? – AK on the GO  July 19, 2017

The McCarthy Road has a reputation for difficult conditions and a lack of services, so why would anyone drive it with kids? We did.
Driving the McCarthy Road – Should you? – AK on the GO

907 Updates July 19, 2017

Zaz Hollander: NTSB plans rare Alaska hearing as part of Togiak crash probe
By Associated Press: Gov. Walker among those calling to end repeal efforts of ‘Obamacare’
y Ashleigh Ebert: Murkowski can’t support repeal of ACA without replacement
Devin Kelly: How do you start a cemetery from scratch? Girdwood is finding out.
Christine Cunningham: Gun-safety rules apply in the photo studio too
By Laurel Downing Bill: Story Time with Aunt Phil: Founding Fairbanks
By Lauren Maxwell: Anchorage Firewise program will end
By Rebecca Palsha: A signature pledging not to sign another petition: Anchorage’s “bathroom” initiative generates controversy
By Jacqueline Policastro: The Great Alaskan Bowl Company honored at White House during ‘Made in America’ showcase
40 Years at Prudhoe Bay

907 Updates July 18, 2017

By Blake Essig: “I’m more proud of him than he’ll ever know”

Gallows humor:
By KTVA Web Staff: Hiker dies of heart attack on Flat Top
Warren White · Eagle River, Alaska
I say this from the standpoint that if I died this way and no one said “He flatlined on Flat Top.” I would be seriously disappointed.
By KTVA Web Staff: Oprah and Gayle King set sail to Alaska for O-inspired journey

By Tracy Sinclare & Ashleigh Ebert: Tsunami Advisory Expires for Aleutians and Pribilofs