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907Updates September 29, 2016

No argument for Vukovich’s logic.
Tegan Hanlon: Anchorage man charged with attacking sex offenders seeks plea deal
Explaining his offer, Vukovich said in the letter, “Grown men who suffer physical wounds will heal, children who are maligned physically, spiritually, and emotionally, grow up but never become what they could have been. A molested or beaten child automatically receives a life sentence, there is no release date.”

Physical -mental abuse, alcohol and firearms = disaster
Lisa Demer: Charging document: North Slope Borough official was killed by stepson


Congratulations Crystal Garrison!
Lisa Demer: Yup’ik speaker is 1st to be official court interpreter
Crystal Garrison, supervisor for Alaska Court System’s in-court clerks in Bethel, recently passed the National Center for State Courts’ written exam for court interpreters. She was tested on court terms, ethical standards for interpreters and her English proficiency. About half of the first-time test takers pass; Garrison scored 93.


Lisa Demer: The last barge of the year means last chance to get big items in Bush city



907 Updates September 28, 2016

Java Wars? No more free coffee at this Holiday station?
Chris Klint:  Police: 2 hurt during ‘melee’ in Mountain View, 4 arrested
After reviewing surveillance video from the store, officers arrested three juveniles, who weren’t being identified because of their ages, Shell said. A fourth teen, 18-year-old Faizon Murray, was taken into custody on counts of second-degree and fourth-degree assault. He was held at the Anchorage Correctional Complex for an arraignment Wednesday afternoon.


Examples of those who play games for a very lucrative living
Shiloh Carder: A sports history of not standing up for the national anthem

Reminder that Colin Kaepernick is not the first to refuse to stand, his bandwagon is just more socially acceptable. Will these actions assure more votes for Flynn?
Devin Kelly:  Anchorage assemblyman kneels during Pledge of Allegiance
Anchorage Assemblyman Patrick Flynn knelt during the Pledge of Allegiance at Tuesday night’s Assembly meeting, which he said was in solidarity with a national movement started by NFL player Colin Kaepernick to protest police brutality and social injustice.
Flynn also put his hand over his heart while he knelt and recited the pledge and also wore an American flag pin.
“Obviously I’m respectful of our community and our country, which is why I put my hand over my heart and knelt at the same time,” Flynn said in a later interview.


Chris Klint: Pioneer Peak climber impaled by ax during fall
Based on GPS coordinates from Pierimarchi, Butte Fire Department paramedics began hiking to the scene but encountered rough terrain. At that point the 11th Air Force’s Rescue Coordination Center in Anchorage was contacted and sent a helicopter to hoist Whitehorse from the mountain.


Congratulations Sarah Lorimer!
Beth Bragg: The Alaska Fighting Championship will go global this season.
Beginning with Wednesday night’s season-opening event at Sullivan Arena, the AFC will be available in more than 200 countries on UFC Fight Pass, the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s online broadcast platform.


907 Updates September 26 & 27, 2016

Chris Klint: 3 moose killed in wave of predawn Glenn Highway collisions
A total of 10 vehicles were involved in collisions on the Glenn Highway before dawn Tuesday that left three moose dead but caused no serious injuries among the people involved.


Zaz Hollander:  Alaska State Troopers K-9 killed near Palmer was the 1st to die in line of duty
But documents filed with criminal charges Monday identify the dog as Helo, named for trooper Tage Toll and pilot Mel Nading, who died in a helicopter crash on a 2013 search and rescue near Talkeetna.


Amanda Compton: Saving Cape Decision: The quest to rescue an iconic Alaska lighthouse

Information on lighthouses

So you would like to be a lighthouse keeper or purchase a lighthouse?

List of lighthouses in Alaska

List of lighthouses in the United States


Bernie Monegain: Northern Michigan University lands $300,000 to launch STEM pilot for women
Project to focus on making education in science technology, engineering and math accessible to America Indian and Alaska Native Women.


907 Updates September 25, 2016



Legalize Marijuana & Hemp farming?

Michelle Theriault Boots: Wednesday morning at the methadone clinic

wiki Methadone

Priyanka Boghani: The Options and Obstacles to Treating Heroin Addiction

Rising Use of Opioid Painkillers May Lead Soldiers, Vets to Heroin

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration SAMHSA Methadone


Connex housing is in remote Alaska, why not use them for Anchorage housing?
Doug Smith, Los Angeles Times:  A nonprofit in California is turning shipping containers into homeless housing



René Edelman Azzara I think I've shared this before, but it's just so awesome I'm sharing it again. On the left is my great-Grampa Ed Edelmann in 1903. Chapter III in Colonel Claude Cane's book, Summer and Fall in Western Alaska is of a hunt that Ed guided a hunting trip for Cane. Ed had a sail boat that he used in Cook Inlet. This hunt takes place on the West side of the Inlet. Here is a link to the book: https://books.google.com/books?id=1Q1QAAAAYAAJ&dq=summer%20and%20fall%20in%20western%20alaska&pg=PA32#v=onepage&q&f=true

René Edelman Azzara
I think I’ve shared this before, but it’s just so awesome I’m sharing it again. On the left is my great-Grampa Ed Edelmann in 1903. Chapter III in Colonel Claude Cane’s book, Summer and Fall in Western Alaska is of a hunt that Ed guided a hunting trip for Cane. Ed had a sail boat that he used in Cook Inlet. This hunt takes place on the West side of the Inlet.
Here is a link to the book: https://books.google.com/books?id=1Q1QAAAAYAAJ&dq=summer%20and%20fall%20in%20western%20alaska&pg=PA32#v=onepage&q&f=true



907 Updates September 24, 2016

Best method(s)for balancing budget’s to be fair for all? Is this impossible due to graft, corruption and entitlement?
Devin Kelly: Anchorage mayor: State cutbacks leading to an extra $24 million in city expenses
In his discussion with the Assembly on Friday, Berkowitz used the word “inappropriate” to describe several actions by the state, such as the Department of Corrections and the regulatory decisions for Municipal Light and Power.

He said the city was investigating what it already pays to cover state expenses. He said that may include police officers testifying in court or apprehending prisoners who walk away from halfway houses.

Alaska Author Dave Koster:
CAITLIN SKVORC: Witchy work: Wasilla author hopes to publish with public’s help
To pre-order a copy of “Wine Bottles and Broomsticks,” visit www.inkshares.com/books/wine-bottles-and-broomsticks
For more information about the book, follow Dave S. Koster on Twitter @daveskoster


The DEC Contaminated Sites Program has posted an Interim Technical Memorandum on its Guidance and Forms web page, listed under the category of “Screening and Establishing Cleanup Levels”, that compares DEC cleanup levels for Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS) and Perfluorooctonoic Acid (PFOA) to EPA’s Health Advisory Levels. The document provides DEC cleanup levels for soil and groundwater as well as a general understanding of EPA lifetime health advisory levels and how it differs from the groundwater cleanup levels.
If you have questions regarding this memorandum, please contact Ted Wu, ted.wu@alaska.gov, (907) 451-2269.
Kevin Gardner
Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
Contaminated Sites Program
Desk: 907.269.7658
Cell: 907.268.9875



907 Updates September 23, 2016

Chris Klint: Hillside standoff suspect found dead in home; cause under investigation


The courts are too lenient?  Banish him behind bars!
Lisa Demer:  Banished man sentenced in fire deaths back in Bethel jail on heroin charge
“The Court’s leniency has had no positive effect and the defendant has clearly demonstrated himself to be a severe danger to the community,” Carlson wrote.

Alaska CourtView Search by Case # and Name


Remember, Gov. Walker is trying to extend the life of the PFD
Nathaniel Herz:  Gov. Walker’s veto shaves Alaska Permanent Fund dividends to $1,022
“If we don’t fix the dividend, certainly everything indicates it will go away in the next couple of years,” Walker said.


The following is about adults that are not “special needs.”   
I believe the definition of “homeless” needs a smaller, more defined scope.  What is homeless? Determine why someone is homeless. Are they able to and willing to provide for themselves? This will help find alternatives for them. Is someone willing to rent out room(s) in their homes? Habitat for Humanity can revamp hotels, apartments,etc. to prove a safe shelter for those that could use a hand-up, not a hand-out. 
How about a foster care system for drunks? Those who feel so sorry for drunks should bring them into their homes and help them.
Devin Kelly: Providence donating nearly $1 million to tackle Anchorage homelessness


Not exactly Alaska~  What foods would Walmart serve in Alaska and where you live?
Josh Davis and Doug Boehner, KXTV: Walmart opens in-store restaurant only serving state fair foods

907 Updates September 22, 2016


Alaska Dispatch News 2 officers hurt during gunfire as standoff continues on Anchorage Hillside



Mike Campbell:  New ATV trail at Jim Creek broadens recreation prospects in the Valley
The new 3-mile, three-loop $87,000 ATV trail at Jim Creek christened Wednesday was largely funded by a federal grant passed through the state to the Mat-Su Borough via the Recreation and Trails Grant Program. The borough contributed $18,000.


UAA charges students for classes that have no credit value.
Tegan Hanlon:  UAA uses zero-level classes to get hundreds of students ready for college


Presented by First National Bank Alaska:  MAKING IT: Cooking up a recipe for success in Spenard


Fresh Snow on the mountains.



907 Updates September 21, 2016

Four males against one 72 year old. Obviously this man is scary as fuc@ since these youngsters were afraid to go one on one with him~.
Michelle Theriault Boots: 72-year-old man beaten in home invasion remains in critical condition
The attackers were described as “four Samoan males, one very heavy set, three of average build, one with wavy blonde hair,” police said.

Once again,the brouhaha on National Anthemn being played before a game.  Not real life, a game.
Colin Kaepernick Has been playing football since 2011, now in 2016 he is concerned about racial problems. He will kneel before a game, will he forfeit his pay for playing a game?

Why is it a concern now?  Also, football is just a game, and is anyone being forced to play?  Why do these kids not want their names publicized? 
Stephan Wiebe:  West High football players who knelt during national anthem aren’t speaking publicly
Beth Bragg contributed to this report.
The district’s policy on patriotic assembly gives students the right to not participate in the daily Pledge of Allegiance:  “A student who chooses not to participate must maintain a respectful silence and may not be disruptive while others are reciting the pledge.”


Would you take one-time PFD payout instead of a year-to-year?
Ben Anderson: On Friday, Alaskans will find out this year’s PFD amount — and what it could have been


Please stop by Boom! Coffee! Any day at any time. Open 24 hours on the corner of Arctic and International. Local Kaladi coffee, we make our own whipped cream and fruit smoothies up to 32 oz.!!! Red bull drinks and lots of great smiles. Thank you.

Please stop by Boom! Coffee! Any day at any time. Open 24 hours on the corner of Arctic and International. Local Kaladi coffee, we make our own whipped cream and fruit smoothies up to 32 oz.!!!
Red bull drinks and lots of great smiles. Thank you.

Paula Dobbyn: Need some midnight espresso? New 24-hour coffee hut opens in Anchorage
Pat Kinnebrew, who co-owns the business, said he expects the coffee hut to also be popular with cabbies, police, and others who work night shifts.
Seven women have been hired to cover the dayside hours. Two men — a former Marine and a former Thursday Night at the Fights boxer – are scheduled to work the graveyard shifts, Woody said.


Tegan Hanlon: YWCA Alaska names this year’s Women of Achievement
The presentation is set for 5:15 p.m. Nov. 3 at the Discovery Theatre at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts.

The 2016 Women of Achievement are:
Sheri Buretta, chair of the Chugach Alaska Corp. board of directors
Judith Crotty, Wells Fargo community development regional manager
Mara Kimmel, Alaska Institute for Justice co-founder and Anchorage first lady
Kris Norosz, Icicle Seafoods’ director of government affairs
Deena Paramo, Anchorage School District superintendent
Elizabeth Ripley, Mat-Su Health Foundation executive director
Elizabeth Pierce, Quintillion Subsea Operations chief executive
The Rev. Julia Seymour, pastor at Lutheran Church of Hope
Alaska state Rep. Ivy Spohnholz, D-Anchorage
Carol Swartz, Kenai Peninsula College’s Kachemak Bay campus director




907 Updates September 20, 2016

wiki Meningitis

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Fact sheet (pdf) on meningococcal disease says it is fatal in about 10 to 15 percent of all cases, even with treatment. Nationwide cases have been on the decline over the past 20 years, from a peak of about 3,500 annually in the late 1990s to fewer than 1,000 by 2012.

1 student death in Kotzebue, AK
Chris Klint: Elementary school student in Kotzebue diagnosed with bacterial meningitis



Will they be banned from the village, from hunting or?
Alaska Statutes Title 16. Fish and Game § 16.30.010. Wanton waste of big game animals and wild fowl

Jerzy Shedlock: 4 Point Hope residents charged in walrus kills
Four Point Hope residents are facing federal charges alleging they shot and killed at least six walruses for their ivory tusks and then wastefully left the carcasses behind on a beach in Northwest Alaska last year.

Adam Sage, Michael Tuzroyluk Jr., Guy Tuzroyluk and Jacob Lane have been charged in the case, which was filed last week in federal court in Fairbanks.


Samantha Angaiak: Runners raise awareness for veterans issues at 5k Run
For the first time ever, Student Veterans at UAA club and YWCA’s Alaska Veterans Organization for Women partnered up to host a 5k. Student Veterans at UAA, a charter of a national club says it’s an event designed to benefit nearly 10 percent of the university’s population.


Alaska Health Fair

907 Updates September 19, 2016

I may be looking for excuses where there none.  I look to justify drug and alcohol abuse by a traumatic event(s) The death of an only child is an easily understandable spiral of despair and torment. How much of it is guilt whether earned such as drove drunk or not such as hit by a drunk driver.

The 12 year old that was raped while unconscious, left to die, an the rapist bragged about it at school the next day. If she spirals down slowly or takes herself out I would have empathy. Children and adults who are sexually abused, bullied, have mental issues, feel a guilt or haunted by demons.  

Apparently this young lady had a lot going for her and wanted to work in law enforcement. What choices did she have and what brought her to using heroin?

Lisa Demer:  After a young woman’s death from a heroin overdose, an Alaska village looks inward


Congratulations Tina Sena, owner of The Perfect Start coffee Cart
Soooo wouldn’t this be a great stop before beginning a road trip or heading to special occasion?

Suzanna Caldwell: These Red Bull tie-dye smoothies are a viral hit in Wasilla
WASILLA — The Perfect Start coffee cart owner Tina Sena describes her tie-dye, neon-colored Red Bull smoothies in two different ways.



$30- a month sounds like a great deal for folks!  What would you expect to see in this box?   What would you see or place in a box for where you live?
Annie Zak:  This new company wants to sell you Alaska in a box



Barbara Brown’s Our Third Thirds:
This is very short, but one of those quick jolts to the brain.

I was giving a workshop for teachers on resilience. We were looking at how we could reframe events, incidents, obstacles so we could better deal with them. One woman said she’d been frustrated over where she was in her career, but the change she wanted to make would mean going back to school for a degree.

“If I go back to school now, I won’t have my degree till I’m 55!”

Her husband: “How old will you be if you don’t go back to school?”