Must Read Alaska August 07, 2017

Must Read Alaska

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GOOD MORNING ALASKA … It’s Aug. 7, 2017 … Special thanks to the financial supporters and advertisers of this newsletter and the news web site … Not to oversell, but this issue was a beast to pare down …There’s so much going on in Alaska right now. Check the MRAK web site for more this week, especially this morning’s story on the Dispatch.


Pressures mount on owner of Alaska Dispatch News
For Alaska Dispatch News owner and publisher Alice Rogoff, evidence of extreme financial stress continues to accumulate. Legal filings now raise the question of whether Northrim Bank could end up the …
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PenAir reorganizing, dropping some Outside routes
Suzanne Downing August 7, 2017 Alaska News No Comments
One of the oldest family-owned airlines in the country is filing for Chapter 11 — a reorganization that should allow it to avoid bankruptcy. Alaska-based PenAir says service in Alaska and Boston will … Read more…

Marion Owen: On green bananas and how to avoid regrets | Lagniappe = A little bit extra

It’s a guessing game to decide what fruit to set out for our B&B guests. Apples? Not many people indulge in apples these days. Grapes and cherries? They’re usually appreciated. Bananas? Ugh. Bananas bring out the fussiness in humans. If a brown speck appears on the otherwise flawless, yellow peel, the banana sulks in the fruit bowl, ignored and dejected, as it becomes more speckled by the minute.

So the other day I asked our B&B guests from Minnesota if they liked bananas. “Yes!” they replied in chorus. “But I had a friend,” one added, “that didn’t like green bananas. He was an older guy who said he didn’t have time for them. ‘I might die before they ripen,’ he said.”

On green bananas and how to avoid regrets | Lagniappe = A little bit extra