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Military November 04 & 05, 2022

Military.com: Famous Veterans: Tony Bennett Helped Liberate a Concentration Camp Before Singing in the Army; 9 Veterans Who Made Headlines This Year and more ->

Task & Purpose: American woman gets 20 years in prison for training and leading all-female ISIS battalion Her team trained girls as young as 10 to use automatic weapons and suicide belts.; Netflix documentary shows Vanessa Guillén’s family’s fight for answers in the wake of her murder “This was not one of those cases the military could sweep under the rug.”; Air Force C-17 crew receives Distinguished Flying Cross for hauling record 823 people to safety during Kabul airlift “Eight hundred people on your jet? Holy … holy cow.” And more ->
The Untold Past: What Happened To Mussolini’s Body After His Execution?
World War Two: 219 – Allies Launch new Phase in Pacific War – WW2 – November 5 1943
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BRCC Presents: Lucas O’Hara of Grizzly Forge
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