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Quotes September 22, 2020

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”
Right now, monsters are celebrating the monstrous things they are doing. Do not become them. You can not slay monsters by becoming one. Be kind.
People are out of their minds right now — including you. Be patient with their weirdness. Be gentle with their rage. Let your innate kindness be your guide.
Share the love and warmth you’ve stored inside. Be kind.
Some days, you just have to hold on. Your light may feel dim right now, but it will grow. You will feel better. Hold on. Be kind to you
What do these upset people want? They want you to listen, to share in their overwhelming, unbearable grief. They need your kindness, your compassion, and your empathy. Grief shared is grief diminished. Listen. Care. Be kind.
As we move into Fall, what are you ready to let go of? Maybe there’s long held grudge ready to be set down. Maybe it’s some mistake you’re ready to forgive yourself or someone else for. Maybe it’s a long held belief or a dour friend or… Be kind to you. Let it go.
Want to increase the joyous flowering in your internal field? Be kind. You’ll riotously bloom.
You can only fix what you can control.
There is so much going on in the world right now. It’s time to get back to the very basics — you can only do something about what you can control. If you are not in control of that, push it out of your mind. Focus only on what you can control.

Quotes September 14, 2020

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

You do not have to read every word. You know what it says. Give your heart and mind a break. Be kind to you.
The leaves turn and fall — and for a moment, there is only silence. Soon the cacophony and riot of spring begins. Again. This is life’s cycle. Riotous spring, gives way to summer and fall. The silence begins a new. Wherever you are in your life cycle, know that life will fade to silence, only to begin again. Being kind will ease your passage.
Right this moment, a lot of people are doing their best to convince us of the darkness in the world. But we each have two hands. Let’s use them to create light. For light always beats the dark. Will you join me?
This week, let’s allow that intimate kindness to hold sway over our actions and our hearts.

Quotes September 10, 2020

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness


Going high is the only thing that works.
Michelle Obama, PhD
“I overcame myself, the sufferer; I carried my own ashes to the mountains; I invented a brighter flame for myself. And behold, then this ghost fled from me.”
Friedrich Nietzsche
“The best revenge is not to be like your enemy”
Marcus Aurelius
Listen, it’s pretty simple. If you want to live a happy life, be kind. If you want to have great friends, be kind. Better yet, just be kind.
2020 has been hard, really hard. Be kind. Be patient. The world will be here when you return!
Because we are predispositioned to be kind. When we hear/see kindness, we know it. We feel the weight of the truth. So when they go low, go high. Be kind. It’s the only thing that works.
We are in a stage of blossoming. We are all beautiful. Be kind.
Right now, people are trying to box us in with ideologies and “facts” that may or may not be facty. It’s not hard to suddenly find yourself in a box. Now what? Take a break from social media, the news, read a good book, get out into nature, and breathe. When you feel grounded and more yourself, ask yourself what you believe to be true. Be kind.
For this week, let’s be kind to ourselves and simply enjoy the music. We can leave the judging for someone else.
Be beautiful. Be kind
May the moon and stars bathe you in their healing light. Be kind.
What if you didn’t judge yourself? No, really. What would your life be like if you let go of all those things you hold against yourself? You’d probably have more energy and more joy. Why not give it a try? Be kind to you.
I know it’s hard to hear, but we all die someday. Maybe you will die sooner than those you love. Maybe you will outlive them all. We all end up in the grave. How can we not be kind?
We may be different colors, but we are all the same leaves of the human tree. Reach out. Be kind to everyone.
There’s a lot of repugnant behavior going on now. If you really want to get back at them, be kind. Show your kindness to the world. Let them squat in the mud.
When you shine in your beauty, you cause others to shine. Shine on.

Quotes August 26, 2020

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“You can be rich in spirit, kindness, love and all those things that you can’t put a dollar sign on.”
Dolly Parton
“Everyone in the world has the power to heal someone else. At one end of the spectrum are the doctors and shamans and therapists who can summon the means to cure lots of people. At the other end are individuals with the power to improve the health or smooth out the distortions in just one other person.”
Rob Brezney
“Don’t be concerned about being disloyal to your pain by being joyous.”
Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan
In this time of who is rich and who is not, it’s important to realize that you may be richer than most billionaires by being rich in spirit, love, and especially kindness.
“If you have to choose between being kind and being right, choose being kind and you will always be right.”
Where would you LIKE to grow? Now is the time to make plans to grow.
What is your healing power? What will it take for you to actually use it?
Kind people tend to know kind people. So be kind. You’ll be surprised how many kind people will begin to appear in your life.
The world is a beautiful place. Have you seen it recently? If you’re mobility challenged, check out the Google virtual reality of many gorgeous places in this world.

Quotes August 19, 2020

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life
is thank you, it will be enough.”
Meister Eckhart
I promise if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world, you will eventually become it.
Tyler Kent White
Kindness is in our power even when fondness is not.
Samuel Johnson
Let’s face it. We’re not fond of each other. Some of us aren’t fond enough of others to simply wear a mask to keep their viral load to themselves. Even if we are not fond of each other, we can still be kind to each other. Why bother? Because we are kind people.
The kindest thing you can do right now is say: I am listening. Be kind. Listen. And if you are suffering, find someone who will listen to you. They are out there.
Wherever you are, take a moment. Breathe. Breathe again. No one needs you to freak out today. Breathe in peace, breathe out stress. When you’re able, be kind.
We spend a lot of time looking at the awful, the cruel, the con, and the horror of 2020. If we shift our focus to what is beautiful, we will find out that we already are it or we will become it soon enough.
In times of great stress, one way to keep your peace of mind is to search for what is beautiful. This time of year is so beautiful. Find the flowers, seeds, food, and people that give you beauty and bring the beauty out in you.
Spring is always coming. Always. It’s either coming to your outside world or coming to your life. Grieve what’s lost, but expect the force of beauty and power of spring is coming for you. Like the cherry tree, do the work now and get ready to bloom.
Everywhere we go, we plant seeds. Everything we say, plants seeds of thought and opinion. What seeds are you planting? What seeds are you allowing to be planted in your mind and soul? Make your seeds kind.
Just a quick reminder that you “win” by being kind. You’ve got this!
In the coming week, we will be inundated with opinion, judgment, and rage. The way to survive is to focus on your own internal compass.Where do you find joy? Where do you laugh? Where do draw the line? Kindness is an excellent compass for the whole of your life.
How can we not be kind? Times of big change always lead to rivers of tears. Everyone has their own river of tears — injury, illness, the death of a beloved friend or family member, loss of income, lack of food, housing issues, and situation that you and I have never thought of. We must work to treat every interaction with kindness. I know that it’s hard. I also know that you can do it. Be kind.
“Having more money will not fill the hole inside you. Only love can do that.” I think we forget this. We celebrate people because they have more money than they can spend in ten lifetimes. Yet, most of these men (yes, they are mostly men) live lives impoverished of love, community, and real friendship.

Happiness research shows that as soon as a household can pay the basics — food, rent, schooling, fun, etc — there is no happiness benefit to having more money. None. So if you feel like you have a hole inside you, find ways to love more. Being kind is the easiest way to show your love. When you love more, more love comes back to you. That’s how it works.

Quotes July 27, 2020

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or soften the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.”
Franklin D Roosevelt
“What we need is a new kind of army — the army of the kind.”
Cleveland Amory
No matter how dark it feels, be kind. You will light up your world and the lives of everyone you know.
I find myself craving the beautiful open spaces. Where ever you are, may you find peace, may you find beauty, may you be kind.
Hope. It’s a four letter word that can stop a heart or give a life meaning. Human beings cannot live without hope. What gives you hope?
Hey, a lot of people are struggling right now. Just because you are struggling doesn’t mean that you are failing. Quite the opposite. Your struggle is an indication of your unfailing courageous heart. Be kind. Share your courage with others.
Joy is an essential part of life. Where do you experience joy? Adding more joy to your life is really as simple as noticing the joy you are currently experiencing. By turning your attention to your own joy, you will develop a more joyful life. Of course, being kind is a type of joy.
“You don’t have to attend every argument you are invited to.”
Sometimes, you have to draw in the joy and the beauty of the world around you. Raise your hands and say “Yes. In fact I can.” Being kind will only enhance your progress toward every goal.
“There are no SHOULDS” or when your inner Karen rises up or When you meet Karen on the street
Being kind is beautiful. It draws people to you like nectar draws bees.
This is a time when we focus on the joys of the present while keeping our eyes and minds on the long view. Being kind will show the way.
Being kind is a spark that will light up your life
There’s a lot of crazy out there. Watching the worst of human behavior only grinds down our own peace of mind. Stop watching the madness. Find things that grow your sense of peace. Hold a peace in your mind and heart. Your life will blossom with kindness you are able to give and receive.
We need to keep our eyes on the world we wish to live in. Being kind with guide you.
Where ever you are, I hope you have a good day or a good evening.
Everyone’s world is under threat right now. Be kind

Quotes June 02, 2020

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”
Albert Schweitzer
“Wisdom comes when we see with vast perspective. Our life is unfolding in the timeless galaxies. We turn with the stars in cycles of joy and sorrow, birth and death.”
Jack Kornfield
“Let us come alive to the splendor that is all around us and see the beauty in ordinary things.”
Thomas Merton
For now, we have the challenge of getting through each uncertain day. What can you do? Be kind. You’ll change your world and the world around you.
Around the world, right now, many of us are “stuck” at home.”Let us come alive to the splendor that is all around us and see the beauty in ordinary things.”
You don’t have to respond to everything that floats your way. Be kind to you.
We are made of stardust. We are beings of light. When we’re kind, if only to ourselves, we radiate light out to a thirsty world. Be kind. Be the light.
Let’s keep this simple. Kindness is the way.
Lest you doubt. You are more loved than you could ever possibly imagine.
Listen, no one knows the way forward. Be kind each step of the way.
Only those with nothing to say are loud, profane and cruel. Kindness speaks volumes. In a world where lies and loudness are the everywhere, let your kindness speak for you.
Sometimes, you have to ask yourself: “Who do I want to be remembered as?” Someone who encouraged kindness? Someone who encouraged being kind to ourselves? Someone who was kind to animals? Or just someone who was kind of a jerk? Your choice.
What do you do when you’re caught in a loop of hoarding and cynicism? Be kind. Shake off that cloak of cynicism. Join life.
Everything has become so serious and dark. When was the last time you really laughed? Laughter is as important to your health as exercise and good nutrition. Find a way to laugh today.
No matter what’s happening now — no matter how big or how small — we still chop wood and carry water (care for ourselves).
We are all grieving. We’re not called to judge. We are called to be kind. So, be kind — especially to your own grieving heart.
We are all a little parched right now from stress, frustration, the increase in noise of everyone being home, the G-D virus, and those who are playing the moral limbo. It’s time to turn our focus on what we can control — OUR attitude, OUR actions, OUR well-being. Let kindness show you the way.
“Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking kindness is a weakness. Sometimes it takes great strength to smile and say kind words.”
A great rule in life is to try not to be an asshole. The best way to not be an asshole? Be kind
Feeling anxious? Commiting kind acts can help!
Even if you’re freaked out, be kind. If the person in front of you is freaked out, be extra kind

Quotes March 07, 2020

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“Perhaps more than any other factor, kindness gives meaning and value to our life, raises us above our troubles and our battles, and makes us feel good about ourselves.”
Piero Ferrucci
The world is filled with beautiful and magical things. Let the rain fall. Bow, but don’t break. Be kind.
These beautiful flowers are great food for bees, bats, and butterflies. They are also poisonous. Kindness is beautiful and never poisonous. Be kind.

#EverydayKidnness This is the last Everyday Kindness post for a while. Thanks for following these posts.

I re-started this project in early 2017.

It was a time when anger, rage, and cruelty seemed to be all anyone talked about. Who won? Who lost? They are losers. They, them, those guys. Mean people were celebrated for their cruelty.

Human beings survived because they were able to cooperate and support each other. We survive because we are innately kind.

I wanted to remind people of their own innate ability to be kind.

I could make these graphics, and, with social media, I could send it out into the world. I’ve spent every Sunday for the last 3 years making these posts. Every single day for three years, I’ve posted them to Facebook and other social media.

Today, I am hitting pause in order to turn some kindness toward myself.

From March through June, I’ll be on a kind of hermitage. I should be back in July. This project should continue after that.

In the meantime, please — be kind.

It is your essential nature. Being kind will change your life. Allowing yourself to received kindness will change your life.

I’ll be back — chc

Quotes February 26, 2020

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention.”
Kahlil Gibran
“An egoist lives in poverty. A kind person lives in abundance.”
Maxime Lagacé
“Kind hearts are the gardens. Kind thoughts are the roots. Kind words are the blossoms. Kind deeds are the fruits.”
Kirpal Singh
“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.”
Herman Melville
“One who knows how to show and to accept kindness will be a friend better than any possession”
Don’t judge what you see today. Be kind, think kind, even if it’s “just” to yourself.
Love… Everyone. All the time. Even if they are different from you. Kindness is love in action.
The storm is overwhelming. It feels like it will overwhelm everything. REMEBER: Every storm ends. Be kind to yourself single every day until the sun shines again. When it shines, you will be ready to rebuild.
It feels like the forest is dark, and everyone is cold. Why not just hide until this storm is over? THEY WANT YOU TO HIDE. Get out there. Be kind to everyone you know. You’ll find the world is filled with warm, wonderful people.
Listen. life is short. Smile while you can. Smile at strangers. Smile at your co-workers. Smile at the people behind the counter. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Smiling is spreads kindness everywhere.
Sometimes, the kindest thing you can do is celebrate that you and the people around you are still here. Modern life isn’t easy. Congratulations for hanging in with us. The world is better with you in it!
May your day be filled with sunshine, blue water, and perfect conditions, if only in your mind.
Everywhere you spread kindness, beauty blossoms. Be kind. Bring beauty to your life.
Make it a regular habit to overwhelm someone with kindness.
Take a moment this morning to breathe. A moment of calm can change your entire day. Be kind to you.
No matter what the weather is like, a kind heart is a warm heart.
Travel every road with kindness.
This world is filled with amazing and wonderful things. Including you. Be kind to everything, everyone, including yourself.
Light always overwhelms the dark. Always. Don’t give up.
May kindness rain down upon you.

Quotes February 02, 2020

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again.”
Og Mandino
“I’ve been searching for ways to heal myself, and I’ve found that kindness is the best way.”
Lady Gaga
“Let us come alive to the splendor that is all around us and see the beauty in ordinary things.”
Thomas Merton
Every time you wonder “What can I do?” Remember — kindness changes your life and the lives of everyone around you. Be kind. Change the world.
A dandelion is great food for bees. The seed puff is great fun to play with. Both of these are infuriating to the perfectionist grass grower. Perspective is everything. Be kind to all colors and kinds.
Feel sad? Overwhelmed? Be kind to others. Watch your sorrow and overwhelm disappear.
What do YOU need right now? Pay attention to what comes up when you ask the question. It’s time to be kind to you.
In a time of great change, in a season of change, being kind is the only way forward.
Feeling parched? Time to turn your focus to what you CAN control — your attitude and your actions. Kindness leads the way.
It’s okay to take some time away from the chaos of politics and social media. Read a book. Make some tea and toast. Give yourself some space and time. Be kind to you.
The world is filled with kindness and light. Have you taken a moment to notice?