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Military August 01 & 02, 2022

By Rory Carroll, The Guardian: US airman who rescued film of A-bomb horrors is honoured at last
DoD: Feature Medal of Honor Monday: Army 2nd Lt. Lloyd Hughes
Task & Purpose: Making everyone do push-ups at your retirement ceremony is the most senior enlisted thing ever Push-ups, it’s good for what ails you; Why nobody wants to be a battalion commander in the Army Reserve 110 command positions could not be filled because the Army Reserve lacked willing commanders.; Jon Stewart to Senate Republicans: Stop playing political games with veterans’ lives “My frustration is how easily the forces of disinformation can fog what is a very clear-cut issue.” And more ->
Military.com: Remains of Revolutionary War Soldiers Killed in 1777 Found in NJ Field; 13-year-old Accused of Starting Fires at Nellis Air Force Base Housing; 29th Infantry Division Keeps Historic Patch Despite Nod to Service in the Confederate Army and more ->
The Untold Past: The HORRIFIC Torture Of The FORGOTTEN SS Prison Of Fort Breendonk
World War Two: The Battle of Stalingrad Every Week with Maps
Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) speaks about the Korean War Memorial – August 1 2022
VOICES OF HISTORY PRESENTS – Sgt. John M. Maddy U.S. Army Rangers 1st Inf. Div. Vietnam 1966
John van Zyl: Fighting Women of Rhodesia ep129 | Capt Alison Miller | RWS
Black Rifle Coffee Company: Sean Kirkwood Special Forces Survive an 18-Hour Gunfight
Catching Up | EP. 080 | Mike Force Podcast
Cleared Hot: Episode 244 – Mike Glover
Jack CarrUSA: Jack Answers Your Questions and Responds to Negative Reviews – Pt.1
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