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Quotes April 08, 2022

“There are two things a combat deployment offers which all of us strongly desire. The first, being purpose. Every morning we woke up and knew why we were there. It is immediate and unavoidable. Although, it is extreme and unpleasant, there is a comfort in that purpose. The second, is simplicity. We have one goal. There are relatively simple rules on how to accomplish it, and we understand that just about everything will Adam Fenner, Post-Deployment Wisdom For Those Expecting A Returning Service Member
“…the experience of battle forever divides those who talk of nothing else but its prospect from those who talk of everything else but its memory.”
James D. Hornfischer
“It was strange to see the enemy up close, and at length. I could see fear in their faces – the knowledge that they could be cut down at any moment – but also a willingness to accept that fate in order to perform their solemn tasks. The fighters were young, as soldiers always are, dark beards beneath chestnut eyes. They were of Pashtun origin, but whether from Afghanistan or Pakistan, I could not tell. I only knew that they were the enemy, and when they returned with weapons, then we would kill them.”
Adam Jowett, No Way Out: The Searing True Story of Men Under Siege
“Post-Traumatic Stress Injury isn’t a disease. It’s a wound to the soul that never heals.”
Tom Glenn
“Today, more than 23 million veterans walk among us. Nearly 3 million receive disability compensation, and many more owe their lives to an anonymous corpsman or medic. Millions of Americans and their families are profoundly grateful.”
Scott McGaugh, Battlefield Angels: Saving Lives from Valley Forge to Afghanistan