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Craig Medred: One clean musher

Iditarod spikes rumor of another doped dog team

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race on Friday squelched a scurrilous rumor that musher Nicolas Petit of Girdwood doped dogs during the 2017 race, but could offer nothing new as regards the mystery of who doped four-time champ Dallas Seavey’s dogs.

The 30-year-old Seavey, who now calls Talkeetna home, contends someone sabotaged him by slipping tramadol, a synthetic opioid, to his team in the Nome dog yard after the 2017 race. Iditarod chief veterinarian Stuart Nelson said Friday there is no way of telling if that claim is true or not.

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Craig Medred: Big walleye!  Alaskan has Eagle’s Superbowl theme song for Minn-e-sota

With thanks to the late Johnny Horton and the still kicking Rick Rydell of Alaska, the Philadelphia Eagles now have a Superbowl theme song: https://craigmedred.files.wordpress.com/2018/02/north-to-minnesota.mp3

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Craig Medred: Queen of the Arctic

With Alice Rogoff’s dream of an Alaska media empire dead and a federal Bankruptcy Court trustee sniffing her back trail to find the hole down which tens of millions of dollars disappeared at the Alaska Dispatch News, the woman who some former employees once considered the self-anointed heir to the title of the Queen of the Arctic is rebooting as Alaska Online Publisher 3.0 (AOP 3.0).

A “Dear Reader” letter started appearing in the email in boxes of people across the north this week announcing the rebranding of “Arctic Now” as “Arctic Today.” Arctic Now was a website Rogoff spirited out of the ADN as she was taking the company into bankruptcy.

Arctic Today is an all new “platform,” sort of.

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Craig Medred: Intertheft

“Weed on a plane: How Alaska companies get pounds of pot on board, with police blessing”

Unable to read an Anchorage Daily News story because you don’t want to pay to subscribe?

Try the Kaplan Herald. You can read a lot of the exact same ADN copy there for free!

ADN features on new site for ‘business and market news across the globe’

Craig Medred: Dog Rescue

By Craig Medred: Dog rescue

The August Foundation for Alaska’s Racing Dogs, an organization dedicated to finding homes for retired Alaska huskies, is calling on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race to do more to ensure the event’s true athletes get a chance to enjoy life after competition.

The request comes at a time when the state’s trademarked “Last Great Race” is in discussions with mushers about how to improve sled-dog care beyond the two weeks it takes to traverse 1,000 miles of northern wilderness.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 to 1,200 dogs participate in the race every year. Hundreds more train for the event, but don’t make it to the start line for various reasons. How many are retired each year is unknown.

Though sled dogs live well into their teens, most Iditarod dogs have athletic careers that last for only four to six years. As a result, they are destined to live most of their lives away from competition – if they live.

When an Iditarod dog’s racing days are over, the August Fund said in a media release, “a majority of mushers do right by their dogs by welcoming them into their homes” or placing the dogs with family, friends, fans or organizations that help the dogs find retirement homes.

But that is not always the case.

“Others drop them on already over-burdened local shelters, or worse dispatch them with a bullet or blow to the head,” the release said.


Empire lost – Craig Medred

The woman who once thought she could own the news in the north was back in federal Bankruptcy Court in Anchorage on Thursday acting dazed and confused.

Gone were the crowds that had followed Alice Rogoff to previous hearings. So, too, most of the media. There were now only a handful of people in the courtroom in the Old Federal Building downtown in the heart of Alaska’s largest city.

They clustered close around bankruptcy trustee Nacole Jipping and Rogoff at table in a corner of the courtroom where attorneys would normally sit facing a judge. Her back to the crowd, Rogoff had friend and bankruptcy attorney Cabot Christianson at her right elbow with Erin Austin, the chief financial officer for the Alaska Dispatch News at her left elbow.

Across the table sat William Armus, an attorney representing her creditors in what has now evolved into a Chapter 7 liquidation of what little is left of the short-lived Rogoff version of ADN, a news enterprise with roots back to the Anchorage Daily News.

Empire lost – Craig Medred

Craig Medred: Pipe dream

Alaska natural gas once again looks stranded on the North Slope

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Seavey’s problem – Craig Medred

Source: Seavey’s problem – Craig Medred

Last Great Mess – Craig Medred

When the guilty go unnamed, everyone becomes guilty, and so it is the mushers in Alaska’s biggest sporting event have become a bunch of dopers.

Thank the Iditarod Trail Committee, which this week revealed it had discovered a team of doped dogs and then tried to cover up everything else about the case.

Apparently the Iditarod’s board of directors never got the memo outlining how a cover up invariably creates more problems than it solves. If the board had, it would have been straightforward – as are the governing bodies of many other sports organizations – in announcing there had been a doping positive; this is who was involved; and here is what is being done about it.


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Pebble rising? – Craig Medred

Source: Pebble rising? – Craig Medred