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Images July 25, 2018

Images Courtesy of Deborah Byrd Earth Sky


Tennessee double rainbow
Becky Gillum captured this double rainbow in Cherokee Lake, Tennessee. She said, “With all the storms we’ve been having, it was only a matter of time until a rainbow appeared.”


Sunrise over the Potomac River at Fort Hunt, Virginia. Photo by Greg Diesel Walck – Lunar/Landscape Photographer. Greg calls his photo Sky and Water Collide.


Photographer Nitin J. Sanke captured this image at Biscuit Basin in Yellowstone National Park. Nitin said, “All the green color you see in the image is natural airglow.”


This is a 2013 partial solar eclipse, as seen at sunset along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Blowing Rock, North Carolina by Yoder Images.


Remember to look for Mars
You’ll find Mars easily. It’s the Red Planet. It’s an extremely bright red “star,” ascending in the east by mid-evening, crossing the sky the rest of the night. Gary Peltz – who is on a 3-week road trip – wrote: “What a fantastic night it was after hitting 104 F yesterday! This is Whiskeytown Lake just west of Redding, California, last night. Mars rising big and bright lower left and reflecting in the water.”


Kwong Liew wrote: “I wanted to capture the full moon rising behind the Lick Observatory in San Jose, California. After a lot of planning, I found a location 12 miles away on a country road …”