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Military January 25, 2020

Task & Purpose: Airman dies while deployed to Antarctica, leaving behind wife and 2 children; ‘This is a tragedy for our entire team’ — Alaska airman killed in armed confrontation with police; Aircrew in stable condition after US Navy helicopter goes down in Philippine Sea; Americans trust soldiers more than judges, police, and the president, poll finds; Two Army Ranger medics saved lives by taking fresh blood from uninjured soldiers in the middle of a firefight; Navy reportedly investigating secret PornHub videos taken of sailors in a bathroom and more ->
Military.com: Man Accused of Stealing from American Legion Hit with New Charges; Kirtland Airman Facing Court-Martial in Fatal Crash; Veterans Group: Lawsuit Prompts Pentagon to Reopen Database; 75 Years: Survivors, Dignitaries to Mark Auschwitz Liberation; Men Reenact an Oft-Overlooked War that Remade the US, Mexico and the Border; The Case for Pulling US Troops Out of Africa; How to Defeat a Drone Attack: Raytheon Shows Off New Tech in Tabletop Exercise and more ->
DOD: Addressing China Threats Requires Unity of U.S., World Effort, Esper Says; New SEAC to Serve as Chairman’s Eyes and Ears to Joint Force; DOD Agency Offers ‘milDrive’ Desktop-Integrated Cloud Computing and more ->





Military January 08, 2020

Military.com: A Lance Corporal’s Phone Selfie Got His Marine Unit ‘Killed’ at 29 Palms; Joint Chiefs Vice Chairman Hastily Departs USO Tour Amid Iranian Strikes; Remembering Elvis Presley’s Service on His 85th Birthday; Walmart to Pay Back Wages, Change Policies After Denying Navy Reservist a Job over Military Duties; Marine Corps Pilot Katie Cook Helps ‘The Bachelor’ Find a Mate and more ->
Task & Purpose: No Americans were harmed by Iran’s missile attack, Trump says; Meet the fallen US defense contractor whose death helped fuel the current Iran crisis; Satellite images show base damage after Iran launched a missile attack on US and coalition forces in Iraq; Drinking, fighting and infidelity take center stage in trial of former Guantanamo Naval Base commander; We salute the all-women Air Force team that crushed a weapons loading competition dressed as Rosie the Riveter; The untold story of how booze soaked the battlefields of World War II;
DOD: Esper: Iran Has ‘Big Off Ramp’ to Avoid Further Conflict; U.S. Forces Began Main Battle For Philippines 75 Years Ago; Hyten Visits Troops in Romania During USO Tour and more ->



Military January 07, 2020

Military.com: Pilot from Tucson Among Those Killed in Kenya Attack; As Violence Soars, Time Runs Out for Afghan Interpreters; SpaceX Launches 60 More Satellites, Trying to Tone Them Down and more ->
Task & Purpose: Behold the largest F-35 elephant walk we’ve ever seen; Why going AWOL to avoid fighting against Iran is a terrible idea; Feds say former sergeant posed as a Marine officer to help a friend bring guns into Haiti; A disgraced ex-Marine faked his way past presidential security checkpoints at a Florida airport and more ->
DOD: Esper: U.S. Continues to Deploy, Reposition Troops in Middle East and more ->
The Angry Staff Officer, Kera Rolsen B-52 Electronic Warfare Officer USAF: The Case Against Starbuck: Why Talent is Not Enough



Military December 12, 2019

Military.com: ‘Millions’ Stolen in Decade-Long Buying Fraud at Florida VA Hospitals, Officials Say; Navy Patrol Aircraft Joins Search for Missing Chilean Military Plane with 38 Aboard; Trump’s Pardons Won’t Lead to Troops ‘Raping, Burning and Pillaging,’ Milley Says; Army 3-Star General Loses Rank After War College Plagiarism Revealed; Finally, a Story About Military Husbands and more ->
Task & Purpose: Soldier charged in deadly West Point vehicle rollover will face court-martial; Dramatic video shows Coast Guard helicopter rescuing fishermen in North Carolina; US troops will not burn and pillage like Genghis Khan’s hordes as a result of Trump intervening in war crimes cases, Milley says; An Army colonel’s alleged abuse saddled his wife with ongoing medical needs. Escaping him could bring that care to a screeching halt. Mark Wahlberg and his family’s fast-casual chain Wahlburgers may be coming to a base near you; More ->
DOD: U.S. Will Withdraw From Syria When Local Forces Can Keep ISIS in Check; Milley Details DOD Operations Throughout the Middle East and more ->


Military December 08, 2019

Military.com: Sole Survivor of Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Shooting in Stable Condition; Group Condemns ‘Soldier Santa’ Holding ‘God bless America’ Sign at Army Base; Aging B-1 Bomber May Soon Have to Restrict the Way it Flies; Decades of Combat Led to SEAL Team Discipline Issues, Acting Navy Secretary Says; Commandant Responds to Troubling Study on Marine Corps Culture and more ->
Task & Purpose: Navy identifies three slain sailors who ‘showed exceptional heroism’ during the Pensacola shooting; Marine commandant says senior leaders have not explained to troops the risks of using TikTok and more ->
DOD: Esper Outlines Global Challenges, Opportunities; DOD Will Help Small Companies Meet Cybersecurity Requirements and more ->



Military November 26, 2019

Task & Purpose: 13 French troops killed in helicopter collision while pursuing militants in Mali; Pennsylvania man accused of faking record as Navy SEAL, POW to steal $300K in benefits; 801,000 dead, $6.4 trillion spent, and no end in sight: the true costs of the Global War on Terror; It looks like we’re getting ‘M*A*S*H’ in Afghanistan with ’68 Whiskey’ and more ->
DOD: Esper Asks SEALs, Navy to Focus on Standards, Ethics and more ->
Military.com: ‘The Last Full Measure’ Follows Fight to Award Vietnam Hero the Medal of Honor; Body Found in Alabama Confirmed as Sailor’s Missing Daughter; President Trump’s New Navy Secretary Pick is a Combat Vet Who Tracked Soviet Subs; Veterans Can Now Learn About Their Toxic Exposure Risks with New VA App and more ->


Military November 13, 2019

Military.com: WWII Marine’s Remains to Return Home 76 Years After Death; Lawmakers Call for Stronger Boating Safety Measures as Coast Guard Rejects Recommendations; Meet the Retired Generals Working to End Childhood Obesity for a Fitter Force; Plans for Pentagon’s Future Flying Bomb Truck Begin to Take Shape and more ->
The War Horse: The Death of Invincibility; From One Battle to Another and more ->
Task & Purpose: The Navy wants to get more deployments out of its EOD techs; The Coast Guard is naming 2 new cutters after reservists who died helping others during 9/11; Military families are suing their private housing provider over ‘rampant mold infestation’ at Fort Meade; You can now buy your very own abandoned nuclear missile complex for just $400,000 and more->
DOD: Milley Describes Indo-Pacific Region as U.S. Military’s ‘Main Effort’; Esper Indo-Pacific Trip Highlights U.S. Emphasis on Alliances; Secretary Discusses F-35s, Budget, Reform on New York Trip and more ->
Unfortunately no sound…

In anticipation of World War II, Thompson Prods., with government funding, built the TAPCO plant in EUCLID in 1941 to increase its production of aircraft engine components. During the period leading up to World War II, through the end of the Korean war, Thompson Products was a key manufacturer of component parts for aircraft engines, including aircraft valves. The TAPCO plant, owned by the US government but operated by Thompson Products, extended for almost a mile along Cleveland’s Euclid Avenue. It employed over 16,000 workers at the peak of WW II production.

Military November 06, 2019

Military.com: One in Custody After Bomb Threat Causes Evacuations, Road Closures at US Navy Base in Japan; Marine Commander In Japan Removed from Job Amid Investigation; Fort Bragg Soldier Discharged, Sentenced for Desertion, Child Porn; The VA Office Created to Protect Whistleblowers Is a Sham and more ->
Task & Purpose: The Marine Corps made an 8 minute birthday video with only 6 seconds of female Marines. So we fixed it for them; ‘Don’t wait’ — A Gold Star sister explains what she learned from her brother’s death; Army Ranger finally finds work-life balance at The Home Depot; Celebrate Veterans Day by accessing all your VA health records straight from your iPhone; The lost lesson of Millennium Challenge 2002, the Pentagon’s embarrassing post-9/11 war game and more ->
DOD: Face of Defense: Leading From Experience; U.S. Needs WWII-Like Momentum to Advance AI, Esper Says and more ->




Military October 29, 2019

DOD: Esper: Baghdadi Death Provides Warning to Terrorists; Navy Helps ‘Midway’ Film Crew Bring Battle to Life and more ->
Task & Purpose: US troops have killed al-Baghdadi’s most likely replacement as ISIS leader, Trump says; The US wants to bolster the fight against ISIS in Syria after its leader’s death, State Department says; Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy really doesn’t want you to know his ACFT score and more ->
Military.com: He Was the Last Coastie POW In WWII. His Remains Are Finally Coming Home; Navy Audit Uncovered $126M in Aircraft Parts ‘We Didn’t Even Know Existed’; Scathing IG Report Details VA’s Whistleblower Protection Office Failures and more ->


Military October 08, 2019

Military.com: Court Withdraws Opinion Saying Military Retirees Shouldn’t Be Court-Martialed; Air Force Colonel Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography Charges; Army Veteran Laid to Rest in Florida Really Did Have Immediate Family; 5 Ways Marine Reserve Movie ‘Semper Fi’ Aims to Honor the Military and more ->
Task & Purpose: US Air Force F-16 crashes in Germany; ‘I hate it’ — Trump says signing letters to the families of fallen soldiers is the hardest thing he does; Afghan officials tout killing of major Al Qaeda boss in US-backed raid which also left 40 civilians dead and more ->
DOD: Esper, Service Secretaries Talk Privatized Housing Reform; Soldier Loses Leg to Help His Battle Buddies and more ->