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The Spaces: Micro homes that feel macro

Scene stealers -> Oscar-worthy interiors from 2018’s nominees

A midcentury modern beach house in California lists for the first time Designed by famed Big Sur architect James Maul

DESIGN 7 ingenious micro apartments…… and the designers who created them.

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The Spaces: The life aquatic


This week we explore how living by water is good for the soul, looking at contemporary homes that make it a fundamental design element. Among them are floating dwellings, houses on stilts and buildings that revolve around sea views.

Elsewhere, we take a tour of towering Soviet-era monuments in Georgia and explore unbuilt homes you could make happen in 2018.

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Messy Nessy Chic – Cabinet of Chic Curiosities

November 11, 2017
House Hunting for the Ultimate Hideout
If you had the choice to plant your flag anywhere you wanted– would you choose to be stay with the pack or venture off on your own? I often wonder about people who live out in the middle of nowhere, isolated from the rest of the world. Did they choose this life? Are they truly…

The Underrated Charm of Ice Fishing
When winter arrives and those icy chills replace the Autumn thrills, most of us tend to curl up beside the fire with a good book, grab a hot chocolate or watch a classic movie. If you live in the northern middle states of the US however, you bundle up in your warmest clothes, pull on your hat, mittens,…

They Just don’t Make Vacations like they Used To
This is just one of those posts that started with a single photograph which gave me such nostalgia for an era I’ve never actually lived through, that I proceeded to compile my own imaginary photo album of the perfect 1950s vacation– all shot in 35mm kodachrome of course. It was this tiny vacation cottage that…

Messy Nessy Chic – Cabinet of Chic Curiosities