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FYI November 01, 2017

1570 – The All Saints’ Flood devastates the Dutch coast.
The All Saints’ Flood (Allerheiligenvloed) of 1570 was a disaster which happened on November 1, on the Dutch coast. Affected cities include Egmond, Bergen op Zoom and Saeftinghe.

The Domeinraad council in Bergen op Zoom on 1 November 1570 recorded: “Commenting that those big storms of wind yesterday” were to the dike works of the south and north quarters “a warning given about very excessive high flood.”

A long period of storm pushed the water to unprecedented heights, still higher than those at the flood disaster of 1953. It broke innumerable dikes on the Dutch coasts, as a result of which there were enormous floods and immense damage. The total number of dead is thought to have been in the tens of thousands,[1] but exact data is not available. Tens of thousands of people became homeless. Livestock was lost in huge numbers. Winter stocks of food and fodder were destroyed. The Allerheiligenvloed marks the origin of the Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe (verdronken = “drowned”). In Zeeland the small islands Wulpen and Koezand and Cadzand and Stuivezand were permanently lost.

It was confirmed that the floods drowned 20,000 people to death.[2]


1526 – Catherine Jagiellon, queen of John III of Sweden (d. 1583)
Catherine Jagiellon (Polish: Katarzyna Jagiellonka; Swedish: Katarina Jagellonica, Lithuanian: Kotryna Jogailatė; 1 November 1526 – 16 September 1583) was a Polish princess and the wife of John III of Sweden. As such, she was Duchess of Finland (1562–83), Queen of Sweden (1569–83) and Grand Princess of Finland (1581–83). Catherine had significant influence over state affairs during the reign of her spouse, and negotiated with the pope to introduce a counter reformation in Sweden.[1]

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