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Military February 14, 2020

Military.com: KC-135 Carrying Middle School Girls Makes Emergency Landing at MacDill; Army Kills Laser-Guided Rocket, Cuts Bradley Buy in ‘Night Court’ Session; Coast Guard Dogs Complete Helicopter Hoist Training; Coast Guard Academy Completes Project to Cut Down Energy Consumption by Nearly 50% and more ->
Task & Purpose: US service member killed in non-combat incident in Djibouti; Navy punishes sailors who wore ‘Make Aircrew Great Again’ patches during Trump speech; This Air Guard fighter pilot is the first in the world to return to duty after disc replacement surgery; 75 years later, Iwo Jima Marines and sailors recall the bloody battle; Navy EOD chief awarded Silver Star for saving teammates during intense firefight in Iraq; Legendary pilot Chuck Yeager, who broke the sound barrier, turns 97; Senate votes to limit Trump’s ability to wage war against Iran and more ->
DOD: U.S., Taliban Negotiate 7-Day Proposal for Reduction in Violence; Leaders Discuss Nuclear Modernization, Hypersonics Development; DOD Officials Warn of Increased Threat From Weapons of Mass Destruction and more ->
The New York Times, At War: A doctor’s first loss of the Vietnam War: love; Love Letters From World War II Reveal Promises Made and Broken. More ->