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Military April 07, 2022

Military.com: ‘We Fought for Liberty:’ Michigan WWII Vets Welcome Memorial; WWII Vet Nehemiah Persoff Was a Great Hollywood Utility Player; How ‘Sugar Daddy Deals’ and a ‘Black Book’ Deny Service Members Justice; How to Modify the Military Value of ‘Service Before Self’ to a Civilian Workplace and more ->
Task & Purpose: An American POW made his own prosthetic leg at a German prison camp during WWII The device was made entirely from items collected at a German camp for Allied prisoners of war during World War II.; This Army sniper team just outshot 29 other elite teams from around the globe Bravo Zulu.; Child with serious heart condition goes through mini boot camp to become a Marine for a day “He exemplified the true warrior spirit!” And more ->
DoD: Austin Lays Out Reasoning Behind DOD Budget Request; Kentucky Air Guardsmen rescue drowning infant and more ->
By Rich Nye, 11Alive: Indy woman nearing 105th birthday among 1st women to serve in Navy during WWII Hellen Guthrie joined the Navy’s WAVES program in 1943 because she said she “was feeling bored and patriotic.”