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Music November 21, 2017

World United Music: John Sokoloff – Album Review – Hartland Street Echoes

Song # 10 – Dom Veteranov

Song Background: “Dom Veteranov” “Dom” meaning house in Russian, was a society started in 1926 by Veterans who fought against the Bolsheviks. They had lost their country and lived their entire lives in suitcases and died without being able to return home… The house where they met for decades was filled with their memorabilia …..and their Spirit. The composition, “Dom Veteranov” was composed within those walls.

“Dom Veteranov” is an emotionally empathic and moving tribute to the lives and spirits of the many veterans who passed through the halls of “Dom Veteranov” in the tiny California Russian community.

In my mind, “Dom Veteranov” represents the sorrows of the entire Russian community, many of whom were the families and descendants of those veterans and while I write this album review just after “Remembrance Day” November 11th, 2017, one hundred years after the 1917 Russian revolution, I find a common understanding of sorrow, loss and respect for those that gave their lives for the greater good.