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Images October 13, 2018

Webneel: 20 Creative Photo Manipulation works from top designers – 2018

Aditya Vyas
Uttarakhand, India
So, I went to a trek in the Himalayas with 10 of my friends. We were staying at our base camp which is a small village Naitwar in Uttarakhand. We were lucky enough to reach by sunset. I took my Canon and started clicking pics of the snow peaked mountains around. I just happened to notice that some clouds had come in front of the sun and it was a glorious sight. I immediately reduced the ISO and clicked this pic. When I saw it I was mesmerised and thought – “This pic is going to Unsplash”


Lane Jackman
Beaver Creek, United States


Botany Photo’s of the Day courtesy of:
Daniel Mosquin & team on behalf of UBC Botanical Garden


Caryopteris × clandonensis
Daniel Mosquin and team on behalf of UBC Botanical Garden

Click link to view: Malus ‘MN #1711’aka Honeycrisp apple
Click link to view: Pulicaria dysenterica
Click link to view: Mentzelia lindleyi
Click link to view: Cornus obliqua
Click link to view: Musa coccinea
Click link to view: Iris japonica
Click link to view: Brassica oleracea Acephala Group ‘Winterbor’