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Military May 14, 2019

By Jared Keller: The oldest Medal of Honor recipient has died nearly 75 years after jumping on a grenade to save his fellow soldiers

Robert Dale Maxwell (October 26, 1920 – May 11, 2019) was a United States Army combat soldier and a recipient of the United States military’s highest decoration for valor—the Medal of Honor—for his heroism in France during World War II.


By Paul Szoldra: Lt. Col. in charge of Corps’ 1st Recon was fired over ‘credible’ allegations of domestic violence
Military.com | By Gina Harkins: Top Enlisted Navy Leader with California Helicopter Squadron Relieved
By Jeff Schogol: Navy prosecutor accused of trying to spy on defense attorneys for two Navy SEALs
Military.com | By Gina Harkins: Marine F-35B Suffers Millions in Damages After Runway Bird Strike
The Associated Press: Jacksonville, Florida, Plans Memorial for 1983 Beirut Bombing
By Paul Szoldra: The transcript of the pilots talking through their creation of ‘sky dong’ is better than their drawing
By Jim Garamone: Dunford Accepts Eisenhower Award, Calls for Industry, DOD Cooperation

Bruce Perry Crandall (born February 17, 1933)[2] is a retired U.S. Army officer who received the Medal of Honor for his actions as a pilot during the Battle of Ia Drang on November 14, 1965 in South Vietnam. During the battle, he flew 22 missions in an unarmed helicopter into enemy fire to evacuate more than 70 wounded and bring ammunition and supplies to US forces. By the end of the Vietnam War, he had flown more than 900 combat missions. He retired from the Army as a lieutenant colonel and worked several jobs in different states before settling down with his wife in his home state of Washington.


Military December 02, 2018

By Jeff Schogol: 5th Fleet Commander Found Dead In Bahrain Home
By Geoff Spillane: 100-year-old Bugler Albert Madden Laid to Rest in Massachusetts
Madden, 100, a U.S. Army veteran who served during World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam War, died at his Hyannis home on Nov. 25.
By Catherine Rentz: Army Sergeant Gets Life Without Parole for Killing Wife Stationed at Fort Meade
A federal judge in Baltimore sentenced Army Sgt. Maliek Kearney to life without parole Friday for killing his wife, who was stationed at Fort Meade, Maryland.

Kearney also was sentenced to an additional 10 years in prison for the use of a firearm in commission of a crime. He will be required to pay about $490,000 in restitution to the couple’s daughter and his late wife’s mother.
By Amy Bushatz: On Alaska Base, Clean-Up Starts After 7.0 Earthquake
By Oriana Pawlyk: ‘Mr. Putin Is a Slow Learner.’ Mattis Blasts Russia Aggression, Meddling
Remarks by Secretary Mattis on National Defense Strategy Secretary Of Defense James N. Mattis; John Heubusch, Executive Director of Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute; Bret Baier, Fox News Anchor
By Tom Roeder: Colorado Springs Guard Troops Honored Among World’s Best Snipers
Part-time soldiers Staff Sgt. Micah Fulmer and Spc. Tristan Ivkov of the Colorado National Guard beat most teams from around the globe to take second place this fall at the 18th annual International Sniper Competition at Fort Benning, Ga.

They took on full-time experts from Navy SEALs to Israeli commandos, falling only to a crack team from the Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment. Not bad for two guys with civilian jobs.
Dunford Speaks at Commissioning of USS Thomas Hudner

Military November 06, 2018

By A Deployed Advisor: The Killing of Major Taylor
By Jared Keller: The Latest American Casualty In Afghanistan Left Behind A Powerful Message On Democracy
By Richard Sisk: 85 Afghan Troops Killed in Insider Attacks This Year, Report Finds
The San Diego Union-Tribune | By Alex Riggins: Serial Killer and Former Camp Pendleton Marine Dies by Suicide on Death Row
Joint Chiefs Chairman Talks to Future Policymakers at Duke
By Sean Kimmons: Green Berets Finally Together in Arlington After Decades-Long Search
A Day With Jeremy – 60 Second Snapshot
Jeremy Tinder is an Air Force Reservist whose day job is working as a security manager for Microsoft, where his passion is keeping your home network safe. See how he does it!
Jason Hardeback – Foundery
Jason Hardeback drew from his experience as a U.S. Navy officer to a successful “makerspace” known as The Foundery. It offers a wide a array of creative classes from woodworking to laser engraving, as well as an open workshop for the Baltimore community. How does he do it? Check out his story for more!



Military October 29, 2018

By Katie Lange: Medal of Honor Monday: Army Capt. Humbert Versace
Captain Humbert Roque “Rocky” Versace (July 2, 1937 – September 26, 1965) was a United States Army officer of Puerto Rican-Italian descent who was posthumously awarded the United States’ highest military decoration—the Medal of Honor—for his heroic actions while a prisoner of war (POW) during the Vietnam War. He was the first member of the U.S. Army to be awarded the Medal of Honor for actions performed in Southeast Asia while in captivity.[1]

By Richard Sisk: Mattis on Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter: ‘He Is Not a Man’
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis called the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter a “coward” who preyed on the defenseless in an attack on one of the nation’s foundational tenets: freedom of religion.

“This is a coward, and he is not a man by any definition that we use in the Department of Defense,” Mattis told reporters traveling with him to Prague, according to Reuters.
By Jim Garamone: Dunford Shares Thoughts on Maintaining U.S. Military’s Competitive Advantage
En route to Czech Republic Media Gaggle by Secretary Mattis
By Tamara Lush: How a 2-star Army General Took Charge of a Broken City


Military October 10, 2018

By Jim Garamone Defense.gov: Democracy Providing Stability, Security in the Hemisphere, Mattis Says in Mexico
By Jim Garamone Defense.gov: Newman’s Own Distributes $200K to 5 Vets Organizations
By Jared Keller: The Carl Gustaf Is Getting Yet Another Lethal New Upgrade
By Paul Szoldra: This Fake-Looking Air Force Photo Is Real, And Totally Amazing
By Mariko Kalinowski and Caesar Kalinowski IV: How The Marine Corps Could Lead The Way In Military Gender Integration
By Paul Szoldra: New Report Says Pentagon Cyber Security Is A Huge Dumpster Fire

At 6:44 -> “You’re fat and you’re black.”




Military October 03, 2018

By Lucas Tomlinson, Fox News’ Travis Fedschun, Cody Derespina, Lillian LeCroy and Greg Norman contributed to this report: Former Navy Sailor Suspected of Sending Ricin-Laced Packages
By Caitlin Doornbos: Photos Show How Close Chinese Warship Came to Colliding with US Navy Destroyer
By Jon Gambrell and Gerry Shih: Chinese Armed Drones Now Flying Across Mideast Battlefields
“The Chinese product now doesn’t lack technology, it only lacks market share,” said Song Zhongping, a Chinese military analyst and former lecturer at the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force University of Engineering. “And the United States restricting its arms exports is precisely what gives China a great opportunity.”

Source: Quick Reminders to Keep You, Your DoD Info Cybersecure

Blog adapted from an article by Air Force Maj. Marnee Losurdo: In the Eye of the Storm: DoD Has Its Own Hurricane Hunters

By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity: Dunford: Russia, China Pose Similar Challenges to U.S., Rules-Based Order
By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity: Navy Undersecretary Modly Shores Up Alliances in Oceana
By Paul Szoldra: The Air Force Used VR To Train Pilots In Half The Time At A Fraction Of The Cost
Great comments!
By Oriana Pawlyk: About 126,000 Troops May Be at Risk of Separation Under Deploy-or-Out
louis stennes4 hours ago
Read over the list. Why would an ex POW be on a nondeployable list? Strange , to say the least.

Lorence Parker louis stennes4 hours ago
We no longer send MOH recipiants or POW’s back into a Combat theater. It is felt they did their part and we should not push the envelope..

louis stennes Lorence Parker4 hours ago
Understandable compassionate reasons but I wish this category was not on the undeployable list and just leave it up to the service memeber but a MOH recipient should not be deployed.

louis stennes Lorence Parker3 hours ago
I flew with a Major and navigator in Vietnam that was a B17 crewmember and was a POW in WWII, so I guess that rule didn’t apply then. It was his last assignment before retirement. We had some pretty “hairy” missions but that is another story.
By Ashley Velez: Dascha Polanco Tells the Story of Dominican-Born Tuskegee Airman, Esteban Hotesse




Military September 30, 2018

By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity: NATO Military Committee Examines Full Range of Alliance Challenges
By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity: NATO Moves to Combat Russian Hybrid Warfare
By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity: Commander Wants Coalition Forces in Afghanistan to Know Why They Fight
By Oriana Pawlyk: New or Used: The Air Force’s Two Tricky Paths to 386 Operational Squadrons
Agence France Presse: Okinawans Vote for Governor with New US Base in Focus
By Julia Bergman: Coast Guard Academy Cadets Dive to Study Rate of USS Arizona Corrosion
Last month, the four cadets, seniors Marshall Grant, Ali Re and Terry Jung, and sophomore Cadet Linda Duncan, with the help of the National Park Service, dove to place so-called steel coupons — rectangular pieces of metal — on the battleship to determine how much of it has rusted away. The steel coupons are suspended from racks made of PVC pipe.



Military September 05, 2018

By Hope Hodge Seck: Soldier Fatally Injured at Bagram Airfield Identified
By Jared Keller: Army Soldier Killed In Afghanistan Insider Attack Was On His 13th Deployment
The Associated Press: Charges Dropped in Death of Nebraska Army Sergeant
By Associated Press: Flight Terminal in Afghanistan Named for Oklahoma Soldier
By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity: Dunford Gets Greek View of Regional Challenges
By Ilka Cole Eglin Air Force Base: First Invisible Wounds Center Opens at Eglin Air Force Base
By Ilka Cole Eglin Air Force Base: Face of Defense: Rwanda-Born Airman Finds Success in Service
By Christine June George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies: Marshall Center Course Highlights Combating Transnational Criminals
By Army Capt. Robert Taylor, Idaho Army National Guard: Face of Defense: Guard Soldier’s Experiences Put Her Ahead of Civilian Peers
By Lt. Col. Steve Danyluk, USMC (Ret.): If Congress Really Wants To Fix Our Veterans’ Mental Health Crisis, It Will Pass The Hemp Act
By Kyle Mizokami, The National Interest: Why The US Military Still Loves Shotguns In A Firefight
By Joseph V. Micallef: The Night Wolves: Russian Motorcycle Club or Kremlin Militia?


Military August 27, 2018

By Drew Brooks: Golden Knight Killed in Plane Crash in Georgia
By Katie Lange, Department of Defense: Soldier Orders Unit to Fire Artillery at Him, Approaching Enemy
Lee Ross Hartell (August 23, 1923 – August 27, 1951) was a soldier in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He posthumously received the Medal of Honor for his actions on August 27, 1951. He joined the Army from Danbury, Connecticut in 1949.[1]

By August 26, 1951, First Lieutenant Hartell was on the ground as a forward observer with B Company, 9th Infantry Regiment at the base of Hill 700 near Kobanson-ni. Hill 700 was attacked and taken by B Company that day. But the Chinese mounted a major counterattack at 0400 hours. Hartell walked the artillery fire right up the hill on top of the charging enemy. Although many of the enemy were cut down, they just kept coming. Although wounded, he kept calling in artillery fire onto his hilltop. Finally at 0630 hours, Hartell was hit in the chest by a bullet and died.

By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity: DoD Mourns Death of Senator John S. McCain
By Adam Linehan: Green Beret Singled Out For Blame In Niger Ambush Probe Recommended For Silver Star
Medal of Honor: Heroes of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
By Jim Garamone DoD News, Defense Media Activity: Guard Integral to DoD Effort to Build Lethality, Alliances, Mattis Says
By Air Force Tech. Sgt. Seth Bleuer, 194th Wing: Face of Defense: Air Guard Nurse Practitioner Aids Feathered Patient
By Paul Woolverton: Army Special Forces Major Accused of ‘Revenge Porn’ in Lawsuit
By Chase Cook: Fired Naval Academy Professor Sent Photo of Self in Speedo to Students: Records
By Andrew Dyer: ‘Ugly Angels’ Fly Again After Wings Clipped Six Years Ago
By Jeff Mcmenemy: ‘Ultimate American Airman’ Among Cancer Deaths at Air National Guard Base
By Kevin Landrigan: Female Vets Running for Congress Find Service Records Under Attack
Sam Morningstar, author of the Combat Veterans Forum, wrote in a July 2017 commentary that the term combat veteran can be complicated.

“A military member or veteran that served in a combat zone might sometimes be called a combat veteran in certain contexts. However, some folks might have the view that an actual combat veteran is one that was directly involved in active combat while others might extend this definition a bit more,” Morningstar wrote.

O’Rourke said if Sullivan had served in combat she would have received a combat ribbon that the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard give out, and he’s demanded she produce one.

“I have never heard someone deployed to an area who didn’t fight who said they fought. You would never use that word,” said O’Rourke, who’s earned the Army Combat Action Badge.
The Angry Staff Officer: Being a Rebel Leader: Disciplined Disobedience in the Army



Military July 24, 2018

By Alun Thomas U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion Phoenix: Face of Defense: New Mexico Native Returns Home to Share Army Experiences
By Lisa Ferdinando DoD News, Defense Media Activity: Dunford Salutes Service Members, Receives Award at VFW Ceremony