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UNSUNG HEROES: David Bellavia

David Bellavia

A house-clearing operation during the Second Battle of Fallujah ended in a fist fight between David Bellavia and an Iraqi insurgent.

UNSUNG HEROES: David Bellavia, The Soldier Who Took Out A House Full Of Insurgents With His M249 And A Knife


WWII B-17 & B-24 August 16, 2016

Handy Reference
How to ditch a B-17

We saw them when The Collings Foundation was in Anchorage. First, and only time my dad was on time to be picked-up. In fact, we hadn’t come to a complete stop before he bailed out the house to jump in the truck.
Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress – Jay Leno’s Garage

B-24 Liberator: “Ditching of a B-24 Airplane into the James River” Video shared Courtesy of Jeff Quitney

USAF/JBER Birthday

The Air Force’s birthday is almost here! September 18th we turn 69 years old. We’ll commemorate this milestone with the 2016 JBER Air Force Ball on September 24th. For ticket information, check out JBER Air Force Ball 2016


Pilots Awarded Medal

Lt. Cmdr. Thomas Browning; Lt. Cmdr. Kellen Smith, who was the co-pilot during the mishap and served as aircraft commander that day; and Lt. Matthew Halliwell, who piloted the plane, were honored for reacting in time to prevent the loss of an aircraft.

3 Pilots Involved In Ike’s Hawkeye Mishap Awarded Armed Forces’ Air Medal