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Military February 05, 2020

Military.com: These Downed Enemy Airmen Teamed Up and Became Lifelong Friends; 2 Navy Jets Fly Like Drones in First-of-Its Kind Experiment; Soldier Gives Family Surprise Homecoming During State of the Union Address; President Trump Invites Formerly Homeless Army Veteran to State of the Union; Morale Is in Trouble at Some Army Bases. Here’s What the Service Plans to Do About It; Great-Grandson of Tuskegee Airman Wants to Join Space Force; Military Marriage Hope and Regrets: Taya Kyle Interview and more ->
Task & Purpose: Meet the 100-year-old Tuskegee Airman President Trump just promoted to brigadier general; Killing ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi hasn’t hurt the terror group’s operations, Pentagon warns; Nominee for top Pentagon job withdraws over op-ed claiming multiculturalism breeds ‘homegrown terrorism’; Jump alongside the 82nd Airborne with a paratrooper’s wild skydive video from Colombia and more ->
DOD: Trump Touts Military Rebuilding, Space Force, Strikes Against Terror; Esper, Israeli Defense Minister Reaffirm Defense Relationship and more ->


Military January 28, 2020

Military.com: Arizona’s Longest-Living Veteran Dies in Tucson at Age 105; A 1980 Coast Guard Disaster Killed 23. Here’s One Hero’s Story.; Why the Spanish Flu Was Able to Kill Healthy WWI Troops; Mother of Captured Journalist, Veteran Tice Blames US Official for ‘Stalling’ Her Son’s Return; All the Military Jokes From Marine Vet Adam Driver’s Latest SNL Hosting Gig; US Military Reimposes Commissary Spending Limits in South Korea and more ->
Task & Purpose: US recovers remains of 2 service members from Afghanistan plane crash; Trump pitches Palestinian state with East Jerusalem capital in new Mideast peace plan; The Air Force is using Uber-like technology to more efficiently vaporize bad guys; An F-15 is rocking a WWII paint job to honor a B-17 pilot who gave his life to save a wounded crewman; How a heroic Coastie sacrificed himself to save others during the service’s worst peacetime tragedy; ‘Cowards’ — Eddie Gallagher strikes back at the SEALs who testified against him; Forget ‘athleisure,’ this 91-year-old Air Force vet works out in overalls and more ->
DOD: U.S., France Continue to Strengthen Defense Relationship; Joint Press Briefing by Secretary of Defense Esper and French Minister of Armed Forces Parly; Pentagon Baseball Fans Get Close With Nationals World Series Trophy and more ->



Military January 05, 2020

Military.com: Calif. Man Held for Alleged Theft of Big Rig Carrying Military Families’ Household Goods; Nevada National Guardsmen Deploy to Europe for the First Time; ‘Captain Marvel’ Effect? Air Force Academy Sees Most Female Applicants in 5 Years and more ->
Task & Purpose: Trump to Iran: If you attack us, we’ll hit the same number of targets as US hostages you took in 1979; Iraqi lawmakers vote to kick US troops out of the country; US coalition pauses training of Iraqi forces to focus on base security days after Soleimani killing; Militant group attacks military base used by US and Kenyan forces and more ->



Military November 29, 2019

Military.com: Japan’s Ex-Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone Dead at 101; Army Awards First Master Gunner Identification Badges; Coast Guard Carries Michigan Christmas Trees to Chicago to Honor 1912 Shipwreck; Navy Gets ‘Earful of Feedback’ from Sailors to Return Rank Insignias to Uniform Covers and more ->
Task & Purpose: Trump’s flight to Afghanistan was so secretive, even the press on Air Force One had no idea where they were going; Taliban ready to restart peace talks, one day after Trump visits Afghanistan and more ->
DOD: Trump Highlights Progress During Thanksgiving Visit to Troops in Afghanistan


Military November 26, 2019

Task & Purpose: 13 French troops killed in helicopter collision while pursuing militants in Mali; Pennsylvania man accused of faking record as Navy SEAL, POW to steal $300K in benefits; 801,000 dead, $6.4 trillion spent, and no end in sight: the true costs of the Global War on Terror; It looks like we’re getting ‘M*A*S*H’ in Afghanistan with ’68 Whiskey’ and more ->
DOD: Esper Asks SEALs, Navy to Focus on Standards, Ethics and more ->
Military.com: ‘The Last Full Measure’ Follows Fight to Award Vietnam Hero the Medal of Honor; Body Found in Alabama Confirmed as Sailor’s Missing Daughter; President Trump’s New Navy Secretary Pick is a Combat Vet Who Tracked Soviet Subs; Veterans Can Now Learn About Their Toxic Exposure Risks with New VA App and more ->


Military October 29, 2019

DOD: Esper: Baghdadi Death Provides Warning to Terrorists; Navy Helps ‘Midway’ Film Crew Bring Battle to Life and more ->
Task & Purpose: US troops have killed al-Baghdadi’s most likely replacement as ISIS leader, Trump says; The US wants to bolster the fight against ISIS in Syria after its leader’s death, State Department says; Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy really doesn’t want you to know his ACFT score and more ->
Military.com: He Was the Last Coastie POW In WWII. His Remains Are Finally Coming Home; Navy Audit Uncovered $126M in Aircraft Parts ‘We Didn’t Even Know Existed’; Scathing IG Report Details VA’s Whistleblower Protection Office Failures and more ->


Military October 08, 2019

Military.com: Court Withdraws Opinion Saying Military Retirees Shouldn’t Be Court-Martialed; Air Force Colonel Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography Charges; Army Veteran Laid to Rest in Florida Really Did Have Immediate Family; 5 Ways Marine Reserve Movie ‘Semper Fi’ Aims to Honor the Military and more ->
Task & Purpose: US Air Force F-16 crashes in Germany; ‘I hate it’ — Trump says signing letters to the families of fallen soldiers is the hardest thing he does; Afghan officials tout killing of major Al Qaeda boss in US-backed raid which also left 40 civilians dead and more ->
DOD: Esper, Service Secretaries Talk Privatized Housing Reform; Soldier Loses Leg to Help His Battle Buddies and more ->



Military August 30, 2019

Military.com: USS Arizona Memorial Repairs Near Completion; Navy’s Knifefish Mine-Hunting Drone Sub Approved for Production; US Contractor Sentenced in Iraq Shooting Seeks New Trial and more ->
Task & Purpose: Defense Secretary Mark Esper indicates there are no immediate plans to nuke Afghanistan; VA to take lead on fighting potential military service-linked cancer, Esper says; VA to take lead on fighting potential military service-linked cancer, Esper says and more ->
DOD: Esper, Dunford Stress Strategy’s Key Role in American Defense; Disputes Between U.S. Allies Hinder Indo-Pacific Security Cooperation and more ->



Military August 23 – 24, 2019

Military.com: Vietnam Vet’s Death Ruled Homicide Amid Investigation into Deaths at VA Hospital; Eglin Curtails Run Portion of PT Test After Captain’s Death; Ex-Army Officer Gets Three Life Terms and Then Some in Molestation Case and more ->
Task & Purpose: Top SEAL says the service’s special operations community has ‘drifted from our Navy core values’; Iraq war veteran Rep. Seth Moulton ends bid for Democratic presidential nomination; Army reservist was charged for shooting tire of truck she believed would run her over. A jury acquitted her in 40 minutes and more ->
DOD: DOD Honors Employers of Guardsmen, Reservists; Women, Peace, Security Initiative Promotes Empowerment and more ->
By Associated Press: Trump Signs Student Debt Forgiveness for Disabled Veterans Trump ordered the Education Department to “eliminate every penny of federal student loan debt” owed by American veterans who are completely and permanently disabled.