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Kindle April 25, 2018

The Last Detective: A Novel (An Elvis Cole Novel Book 9)
by Robert Crais (Author)
Elvis Cole’s relationship with attorney Lucy Chenier is strained. When she moved from Louisiana to join Elvis in Los Angeles, she never dreamed that violence would so easily touch her life — but then the unthinkable happens. While Lucy is away on business and her ten-year-old son, Ben, is staying with Elvis, Ben disappears without a trace. Desperate to believe that the boy has run away, evidence soon mounts to suggest a much darker scenario.
Call the Midwife
By Jennifer Worth
The memoir that inspired the BBC’s beloved drama: Follow 22-year-old Jenny Lee and her fellow midwives in postwar London in this “charming tale of deliveries and deliverance” (Kirkus Reviews). With over 16,500 five-star ratings on Goodreads!
Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman: A Novel
by Elizabeth Buchan (Author)
Get ready to cheer for Rose Lloyd, a woman of young middle-age who proves that starting over doesn’t have an age limit. After twenty-five years spent juggling husband, career, and kids with admirable success, Rose suddenly finds both her marriage and her career in unexpected ruin. Forced to begin a new life, she is at first terrified, then energized, by her newfound freedom—it’s amazing what prolonged reflection, a little weight loss, a new slant on independence, and some Parisian lingerie will do for the psyche! Witty, insightful, and emotionally resonant, Buchan’s novel will strike a chord with anyone who has ever wondered what Middle Age would look like from the other side of the looking glass (answer: much better than you could ever expect).
All of Me
By Leeanna Morgan
Handsome war reporter Logan Allen might eat at Tess’s café regularly, but that doesn’t mean they get along. Yet when Tess wants to help a couple save their wedding, she turns to Logan… A charming love story!
Cozy Leading Ladies
by Julie Smith (Author), Carrie Bedford (Author), Tracy Whiting (Author), Michaela Thompson (Author), Patty Friedmann (Author), M.A. Harper (Author)
A yummy anthology containing FIVE top-rated cozy mysteries, each featuring smart and savvy ladies—who aren’t afraid to kick some butt. PLUS a romantic puzzler bonus, which isn’t at all what you might expect…
Vol. 1: DEATH TURNS A TRICK, the FIRST book in the Rebecca Schwartz mystery series by Edgar Award Winner Julie Smith
Vol. 2: THE AURA, the FIRST Kate Benedict Paranormal Mystery by Carrie Bedford
Vol. 3: THE 13th FELLOW, A Mystery In Provence by Tracy Whiting
Vol. 4: HURRICANE SEASON: Florida Panhandle Mystery #1 by Michaela Thompson
Vol. 5: PICK-UP LINE A New Orleans Love Story by Patty Friedmann
BONUS! DIAMONDS IN THE SKY: A mysterious Southern Love Story by M.A. Harper
Sniffing Out Murder (Mina’s Adventures Book 7)
by Maria Grazia Swan (Author)
One dog with two names, twice lost, yet always found. Two newly orphaned boys who love their dog and love each other so much they vow to stick together against all odds. Enter super sleuth Mina Calvi, the quasi-grown up Italian import who likes cats more than dogs. When she tries to locate the owners of a lost dog, Mina is drawn into tracking down a murderer in spite of her loneliness, absentee boyfriend, and the fact that even with an espresso machine worth more than a diamond ring, she still can’t manage to make a good cup of coffee.
The Killing of Bobbi Lomax (Wonderland Crime Series Book 1)
By Cal Moriarty | Mystery
Described by The Times as a ‘A total wow of a debut,’ and by the ‘Mail Online’ as being full of ‘Stephen King style twists’, The Killing of Bobbi Lomax pits two former L.A. cops against a man who may either be a genius or a killer. Maybe both
Marc Kadella Legal Mysteries Box Set (Volumes 1-6)
By Dennis Carstens | Mystery
Marc takes the proverbial road less traveled, going from life as a frustratingly floundering defense attorney to that of a celebrated criminal lawyer, while representing a handful of colorful clients running the gauntlet from vigilante to psychopath. And Marc deftly adapts to each of them…
On Fire (An Ozzie Novak Thriller Book 5)
By John W. Mefford | Thriller
Was it a crime of passion? Ozzie finds himself behind an eight-ball. The swamp grows murkier each minute. Can Ozzie bring down the king of rainmakers? Read this electrifying thriller now!
I Warned You: A Vigilante Crime Thriller (Canine Partner) (Matt Ryan Book 1)
by Shawn Underhill (Author)
When Matt Ryan was born, he slapped the doctor.

Years later, his tiny home state of New Hampshire, known mostly as a vacation state for campers and skiers, is overwhelmed by the opioid epidemic. Lives are being lost, budgets are busted, petty crime is rising, and first responders are stretched thin. Ryan gets drawn into the mêlée when his small business becomes the hiding spot of $300K in cash, stolen from one drug distributor by another.

With easy money up for grabs, cold-blooded opportunists begin prowling the sleepy postcard town of Fall River, competing for the seemingly easy score.

Just one problem.

They weren’t counting on running into a brick wall like Ryan, or his canine companion, Sharky the maniac.

*This is a vigilante crime/action story with a touch of dry humor, not an addiction story or a police procedural. There is absolutely no romance. I mean none whatsoever. Unless you consider the bond between a man and his dog romantic. There’s plenty of that.

Kindle April 23, 2018

The Bourne Supremacy
by Robert Ludlum
The stakes are higher than ever, for someone else has taken on the Bourne identity—a ruthless killer who must be stopped or the world will pay a devastating price. To succeed, the real Jason Bourne must maneuver through the dangerous labyrinth of an exotic world filled with CIA plots, turncoat agents, and ever-shifting alliances….
Spider Woman’s Daughter
(Navajo Mysteries Book 19)
by Anne Hillerman
Navajo Nation Police Officer Bernadette Manualito witnesses the cold-blooded shooting of someone very close to her. Bernie, wants in on the investigation, despite regulations forbidding eyewitness involvement. But that doesn’t mean she’s going to sit idly by, when her husband, Sergeant Jim Chee, is in charge of finding the shooter….
Paper Doll—The Spenser Series #20
by Robert B. Parker
She was a model wife and mother, bludgeoned with a hammer on the streets of Beacon Hill. Spenser’s searching for a motive and a murderer—and finding more secrets than meet the eye….
Bread (87th Precinct)
by Ed McBain
With nearly half the squadroom on vacation, Detectives Carella and Hawes look into what appears to be an ordinary warehouse fire—but Carella and Hawes rarely see anything ordinary, and this is no different. The trail from the warehouse leads uptown to the murders of a junkie and a suspected prostitute….
How to Bake a Perfect Life
by Barbara O’Neal
Professional baker Ramona Gallagher is a master of an art that has sustained her through the most turbulent times, including a baby at fifteen and an endless family feud. But now Ramona’s bakery threatens to crumble around her. Literally. She’s one water-heater disaster away from losing her grandmother’s rambling Victorian and everything she’s worked so hard to build.

Kindle April 22, 2018

The Wife
by Alafair Burke
When Angela met Jason Powell while catering a dinner party in East Hampton, she assumed their romance would be a short-lived fling, like so many relationships between locals and summer visitors. To her surprise, Jason, a brilliant economics professor at NYU, had other plans, and they married the following summer…
Angels Flight (A Harry Bosch Novel Book 6)
by Michael Connelly
NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Michael Connelly sets his novels of suspense against a world divided by race, politics, money, and the media. Here he thrusts Detective Harry Bosch on a harrowing journey into a high-profile murder case–and darkness… An activist attorney is killed in a cute little L.A. trolley called Angels Flight…
Love Letters: A Rose Harbor Novel
by Debbie Macomber
In this enchanting novel set at Cedar Cove’s cozy Rose Harbor Inn, Debbie Macomber celebrates the power of love—and a well-timed love letter—to inspire hope and mend a broken heart. Summer is a busy season at the inn, so proprietor Jo Marie Rose and handyman Mark Taylor have spent a lot of time together keeping…
Sleep Like a Baby
by Charlaine Harris
In SLEEP LIKE A BABY, the latest installment of the bestselling Charlaine Harris’s AURURA TEAGARDEN series, Robin and Aurora have finally begun their adventure in parenting. With newborn Sophie proving to be quite a handful, Roe’s mother pays for a partially trained nurse, Virginia Mitchell, to come help the new parents for a few weeks…
The Wreck of the Mary Deare
by Hammond Innes (Author)
This thrilling nautical mystery begins with an empty ship coasting through the dark and unfolds into a courtroom drama.

On a cold, foggy night, a little sailboat called the Sea Witch is cruising calmly through the dark when a freighter suddenly rears out of the mist on a collision course. The crew of the small craft leaps into action, straining the Sea Witch’s sails to the limit, barely getting her out of the way. John Sands, captain of the Sea Witch, catches a glimpse of the great ship as it passes by: Her name is Mary Deare, and her crew is nowhere to be seen.
Rest and Be Thankful
by Helen MacInnes
They were worlds apart. Sarah Bly, a sophisticated career woman on a chauffeur-driven tour of America with the wealthy Mrs Margaret Peel. Jim Brent, a tough, old-fashioned cowboy, ill at ease away from his rugged mountain ranch. Yet a wrong turn on a remote road in Wyoming unexpectedly brings them together. The discovery of the ranch…

Kindle April 21, 2018

Lit Hub Weekly April 16 – 20, 2018 CELEBRATE WORLD BOOK DAY, Book Marks: Most Talked About Books, NEW ON CRIMEREADS and more ->
Sweet Nothings (A Sugar Springs Novel) by Kim Law (Author)
Joanie Bigbee, cupcake baker extraordinaire, likes to keep her options open – and she’s good at it. She’s started and sold some 30 businesses in her postage stamp-sized Tennessee town, and at the moment she can be found in a short skirt and go-go boots, selling cupcakes out of the back of a converted Volkswagen van. What she moves on to next is anybody’s guess. She knows better than to be tied down. In any way. She’s watched every woman in her family fall head-over-heels, only to find themselves wondering how to pick up the pieces when love is lost.
Put a Ring On It (Black Dog Bay Novel) by Beth Kendrick (Author)
Brighton Smith doesn’t do outrageous. As an insurance actuary, it’s her job to assess risk and avoid bad investments. But when her fiancé calls to confess he’s married someone else on a whim (“I looked at her and I just knew!”), she snaps…
The Stella Reynolds Mystery Series Box Set: Books 1–3 By Libby Kirsch
Reporter Stella Reynolds digs for the truth behind ghastly murders, suspicious accidents, and dangerous killers! Dive into the first three mysteries in “a promising new series” (Kirkus Reviews) starring “an endearingly human heroine” (Publishers Weekly).
The Jaxon Jennings Series Box Set: Books 1–3 By Richard C Hale
Haunted by his son’s tragic death, Jaxon Jennings is a cop on the edge — and a killer’s worst nightmare… An unlikely hero hunts evil while confronting his own demons in this gripping trio of crime thrillers.
Passport to Murder: Murder International by Michaela Thompson (Author), Tracy Whiting (Author), Rob Swigart (Author), Dick Cluster (Author), Carrie Bedford (Author)
Six spectacular international mysteries from best-selling booksBnimble authors! Those who love international mysteries will enjoy vivid scenes in Italy, India, Provence, Berlin, Paris, Spain, and London. Your tour guides? Adventurous female protagonists, kickass dudes, and an architect who see auras that predict death.
Devil’s Gold: A Black Rose Mystery (Black Rose Mystery Novella Book 1) by Amanda McKinney (Author)
Despite being chronically late, occasionally disheveled and a tad disorganized, Dixie Knight is one of the top private investigators in the country, and when a young woman goes missing in the small, Southern town of Devil’s Den, Dixie takes the case. She expected it to be another ordinary missing person case—until it takes a brutal turn.

Kindle April 20, 2018

The Silent Corner: A Novel of Suspense (Jane Hawk) by Dean Koontz (Author)
“I very much need to be dead.”
These are the chilling words left behind by a man who had everything to live for—but took his own life. In the aftermath, his widow, Jane Hawk, does what all her grief, fear, and fury demand: find the truth, no matter what.
The Forgotten Coast Florida Suspense Series: Books 1-4 by Dawn Lee McKenna (Author)
Curse the Day (Spellbound Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 1) by Annabel Chase (Author)
The only magic Emma Hart believes in is caffeine and the power of the dryer to lose one sock per load. A public interest lawyer buried under a mound of student debt, Emma’s whole life has been one turn of bad luck after another.

Her streak seems to continue when she gets lost on the way to see a client in the remote Pocono Mountains. A chance encounter with a suicidal angel lands her in Spellbound, a town where supernaturals have been cursed to remain for centuries–probably not the best time for Emma to discover that she’s actually a witch.

Kindle April 17, 2018

Welcome Spring from Ray Flynt
I know you’re busy working on your taxes, and so I won’t take much of your time. If you’ve sent all your money to the government, then my offer below of a free copy of TRANSPLANTED DEATH will appeal to you. It will be available for free download on Amazon.com beginning tomorrow (Tuesday) through Saturday (April 17 – 21).
Periodic Tales: A Cultural History of the Elements, from Arsenic to Zinc Reprint Edition by Hugh Aldersey-Williams (Author)
In the spirit of A Short History of Nearly Everything, an award-winning science writer offers a captivating look at the elements—and the little-known stories behind their discoveries. An energetic account of innovations and innovators, of superstition and science and the myriad ways the chemical elements are woven into our culture.
The Loving Kitchen: Downright Delicious Southern Recipes to Share with Family, Friends, and Neighbors by LeAnn Rice (Author)
Sharpe Shooter (Maycroft Mystery Series Book 1) by Lisa B. Thomas (Author)
Who knew a skeleton in the closet could come back to haunt you. That’s what happened to Deena Sharpe.

She hadn’t planned on ditching her teaching job so late in life, and she certainly hadn’t planned on investigating a murder. But when her great-uncle’s body is identified fifty years after his disappearance, that’s exactly what she does.

She’s a small-town, Southern woman with genteel manners. But standing in the way of her investigation is a big-city conspiracy nut determined to cash in on her family’s misfortune.

With her devoted husband and off-beat brother by her side, Deena sets out to right a wrong and uncover buried family secrets. When push comes to shove, will Deena back down? Never underestimate a country girl!

Sharpe Shooter is based on a incredible true story and is the first book in the Maycroft Mystery Series. If you like a savvy sleuth and a twisty plot, this clean whodunit series may be your new favorite. Buy it now to unravel the mystery of this puzzling cold case.

Kindle April 16, 2018

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Kindle April 15, 2018

First Street Church: Your Sunday Bulletin is Here: Love’s Sweet Cadence
49Writers Blog Ben Henning: Literary Roundup | April 13-19, 2018
Caffeinated Reviewer: Sunday Post #313 Longest Week Ever!
The Girl With The GiftBy J.S. Donovan and Alexandria Clarke
Mystery masterminds J.S Donovan, author of “The Painting Murders,” and Alexandria Clarke, author of “Little Girl Lost,” whose stories have collectively accumulated 400+ five-star reviews, come together in this SUPER BOX SET for the first time! That’s FOUR BOOK SERIES totaling TWELVE NOVELS!

Little Girl Lost
When the seventeen-year-old star of the high school softball team vanishes from a small town, the victim’s estranged older sister, Bridget Dubois, returns home in order to find her. The only problem is that Bridget has a reputation, and the locals aren’t pleased by her reappearance. Without anyone to help her, Bridget must find a way to reconnect with her younger sister before time runs out.

The Painting Murders
A twenty-two year old murder, a prophetic female painter who foretells her husband’s death, and a vengeful killer collide in the trendy city of Northampton, Massachusetts all the way to Amish country in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The Haunting of Rachel Harroway
In 1983, a family of four was murdered in their nineteenth century Queen Anne manse. There were no witnesses, no real investigation, and no survivors.

Over thirty years later, the house is suddenly back on the market. Ready to settle down, a young married couple moves from New York City to their dream home in the quiet town of Highlands, North Carolina. However, as past secrets come to light and unpredictable strangers violate their privacy, the couple’s hope for a fresh start twists into the fuel for their darkest nightmares.

The Lost Orphans
A murder twenty-five years forgotten, a female detective with the ability to communicate with the dead, and a killer without boundaries clash in the heart of winter.

It’s Christmas, and there’s been another murder. Rachel Harroway, a homicide detective gifted in the arts and communication with the dead, tracks a serial killer lurking in the shadows for the last twenty-five years. The closer Rachel gets to solving the mystery, the more the unforgiving Appalachian winter weather and supernatural energies push back, forcing Rachel to decide how far she’ll go for a man society has forsaken.
Sunset: Book One of the Nightlord Series by Garon Whited (Author)
Eric didn’t ask to be a vampire. In fact, he didn’t even believe in them. Then he meets a beautiful woman, wakes up with a hangover, and bites his tongue with his own fangs.
Alaska to Germany to the Middle East~?
Waterkill (Dave Henson Series) by Mark Donovan (Author)
A Yemenis man tragically loses his family, a plane disappears into the Alaskan bush carrying a secret, and thousands suddenly die in a German town. Dave Henson is tapped by the U.S. government to help solve the related mysteries, but finds himself drawn in deeper when his wife goes missing.

With the mysterious outbreak of a deadly disease in a Yemeni village, followed by an increase in terrorist chatter after the crash of a small airplane in eastern Alaska, CEO Dr. Dave Henson and colleague Ron Blackwell of NSurv Inc. are tapped by the Department of Homeland Security to locate the aircraft wreckage and its suspected deadly contents.

While Henson and Blackwell are in the eastern mountains of Alaska helping the U.S. Border Patrol locate the missing aircraft and its contents, Dave’s wife, internationally known journalist Dana Cogswell, goes missing while covering another sudden and suspicious epidemic in a small town in Germany.

Dave races from Alaska to Germany to rescue Dana and ends up on a quest to the Middle East to find her. Along the way he learns of a shocking betrayal of friendship and that the path to Dana ultimately leads to the terrorist leader behind the deadly outbreaks.
KILLER (A Jack Rhodes Mystery Book 1) by Stephen Carpenter (Author)
For fans of Robert Parker’s smart but tough-as-nails heroes, screenwriter Stephen Carpenter introduces a new character to the mystery genre, Jack Rhodes. Jack is an author and former boxer who was on his way to literary success when his life was blown apart by the horrific suicide of his fiancee.

Devastated, Jack went on a fifteen-month alcoholic spiral into near-oblivion before eventually working past his demons to become a best-selling crime novelist. But just as Jack is finishing his fourth book about a vicious serial killer, the LAPD interrupts his quiet routine with news of what appears to be a copycat murder from his first book. There’s just one problem–the murder took place before Jack’s book was published.
Killer In The Hills (A Jack Rhodes Mystery Book 2) by Stephen Carpenter (Author)
In the sequel to the bestselling novel, KILLER, Stephen Carpenter has entangled his character, mystery writer Jack Rhodes, in a web of sex, murder, and money–this time in Hollywood, where Jack spent his early years as a screenwriter.

Jack’s past comes back to haunt him when a B-movie actress-turned-hooker, Penelope Fox, is found murdered in a suite at the Chateau Marmont. Jack’s friend, FBI Agent Melvin Beauchamp, discovers shocking news: Penelope was Jack’s wife.
Pentimento (A Jack Rhodes Mystery Book 3) by Stephen Carpenter (Author)
In the third of Stephen Carpenter’s Jack Rhodes Mysteries, Jack, a washed-up former bestselling author, is drawn into one of the world’s greatest literary mysteries: what happened to Ernest Hemingway’s infamous lost manuscripts?

When Jack’s friend, former FBI Special Agent Melvin Beauchamp, asks him to authenticate a short story allegedly written by Hemingway, Jack is convinced that the lost manuscripts have been found—but by whom? Intrigued, Jack takes off on a hunt for the priceless trove of papers, and the alluring, mysterious young woman who may have them.
Dog Gone (Dev Haskell – Private Investigator Book 12) by Mike Faricy (Author)
Best in Show! Dog Gone is the Tale of Two Tail-Chasers
Private investigator Dev Haskell’s new lady friend Maddie comes with strings attached: the loosely-knotted tie of her short black silk kimono, and the leash to Morton, her handsome Golden Retriever.
It’s always a sexy mystery when Dev’s on duty, but this caper takes a turn toward buddy adventure when Dev agrees to pet-sit. On their first evening stroll, Dev and Morton are charmed to meet the lovely Princess Anatasia, a purebred Standard Poodle angling for Best In Show title in the Blessington Kennel Club competition the Super Bowl of regional dog competition. But when the princess’ owner gets in a tussle with a local gambling heavyweight, Dev steps in to help, and the prim and proper world of show dog competition is revealed to be, above all, a competition, plus a big attraction for professional gambling! And these guys are playing for high stakes.

Kindle April 14, 2018

49 Writers, Inc. Deb Vanasse | Revision Tips
Revision is a lot like child-rearing, inefficient and unpredictable. The work will get unruly. You can’t let your ego get in the way. Your book or story or poem isn’t you. You have to let it grow up into itself, into the project it’s meant to be.
Rose Colored Glasses: Rose’s Online Plotting Boot Camp
Dates: June 4 – 29, 2018
Last date to register: June 4, 2018
Cost: $50.00—cheap, considering everything you get!
Your DI (Drill Instructor): Delilah Devlin
Offered through: www.rosescoloredglasses.com

What you can expect:
LOGLINE (Lunges)
PREMISE (Pushups)
CHARACTER (Strengthening exercises)
Breaking through the STORY STRUCTURE stronghold
Battling the PLOT LINES

We do more in one month than some people do all year! Get tough! Get motivated! Get plotting!
By Jenna Sutton: Any Resemblance to Actual Persons is Purely Purposeful
April News from Kate White
What I’m Up to This Month
Flitting About: Because of the launch of my new career book, The Gutsy Girl Handbook: Your Manifesto for Success, I’ve been doing a lot of press lately, and also traveling around the country giving speeches, which I always enjoy. I like connecting with other women, and weirdly, one of my favorite pastimes is eating alone in hotel restaurants. I guess it’s because it’s a great chance to detach a little from the world. (Is that something you personally love or hate?)


Richard Condon Thrillers: The Manchurian Candidate, Winter Kills, Prizzi’s Honor by Richard Condon (Author)
From bestselling, master political novelist Richard Condon comes a collection of three of his most well-known thrillers. His heroes deal with assassinations, greed, and corruption in the fabric of American politics.

The Manchurian Candidate: War hero Sergeant Raymond Shaw is a sleeper assassin, programmed to kill by his former North Korean captors during his time as a prisoner of war. Now he’s been returned to the US, with a mission to assassinate a candidate for US President–and his former commander is the only man who can stop him.

Winter Kills: While riding in a Philadelphia motorcade, an American president is assassinated. This one is fictional, but this story is haunted by the mysteries of the Kennedy Assassination–with a complicated conspiracy that involves movie stars, oil barons, and shadowy agents at the highest levels of government.

Prizzi’s Honor: Charley Partanna is a hitman for New York’s most dangerous crime family–and so is his wife, Irene. When Irene cheats the Prizzis out of a sizeable sum of money, it’s Charley they demand justice from. Now Charley must choose between his employers and the love of his life. A mafia thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.
Fictional accounting?
Call Sign, White Lily (5th Edition): The Life and Loves of the World’s First Female Fighter Pilot by M.G. Crisci (Author)
With Mother Russia under siege, a daring 17-year old teenage girl hangs up her ice skates and heads for the skies. Initially rebuffed as a child in a man’s world, her unparalleled flying skills make believers of even the most battle-hardened Russian pilot.

At the tender age of 18 she becomes the world’s first female flying ace. By the age of 21 she has lived a breathtaking existence, completing 268 missions against Hitler’s vaunted Luftwaffe, recording 15 solo kills, and assisting on countless others. In the process the publicity surrounding Lilia’s exploits make her Hitler’s worst nightmare. She is also shot down four times,falls madly in love with her handsome squadron commander, and still finds time to laugh, smile and read poetry, her other great love.

Lilia’s incredible, and largely unknown story in the West, is set as historical fiction against the background of a devastating war that claimed the lives of as many as 30 million Soviet soldiers and citizens. Despite the difficult times, Lilia’s bittersweet story contains the simple desire of many woman: to have a loving husband that brings surprises, a family full of laughter and love, and a world where peace reigns supreme. For all people, for all time.

Lilia’s only fear was that her sacrifices, and those of so many others, would be lost in time. Sadly, that is precisely what happened. Lilia was lost somewhere over the Eastern Ukraine seven days before her 22nd, and she did not receive her just due for another 47 years!

Call Sign, White Lily is proof positive that life is a destination to an unknown destination.

Lydia Vladimirovna Litvyak (Лидия Владимировна Литвяк, (August 18, 1921, in Moscow – August 1, 1943, in Krasnyi Luch[1]), also known as Lilya, was a fighter pilot in the Soviet Air Force during World War II. With five solo victories[2] and two[3] shared kills over a total of 66 combat missions,[4] over about two years of missions, she was the first female fighter pilot to shoot down an enemy plane, the first of two female fighter pilots who have earned the title of fighter ace, and the holder of the record for the greatest number of kills by a female fighter pilot. She was shot down near Orel during the Battle of Kursk as she attacked a formation of German planes.

“The White Rose of Stalingrad: The Real-Life Adventure of Lidiya Vladmirovna Litvyak, the Highest Scoring Female Air Ace of All Time.”


Ali in Wonderland: And Other Tall Tales by Ali Wentworth (Author)
Mix 1 oz. Chelsea Handler, 1.5 oz. Nora Ephron, finish with a twist of Tina Fey, and you get Ali in Wonderland, the uproarious, revealing, and heartfelt memoir from acclaimed actress and comedian Ali Wentworth. Whether spilling secrets about her quintessentially WASPy upbringing (and her delicious rebellion against it), reminiscing about her Seinfeld “Schmoopie” days and her appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, or baring the details of starting a family alongside husband George Stephanopoulos, one thing is for sure—Ali has the unsurpassable humor and warmth of a born storyteller with a story to tell: the quirky, flavorful, surprising, and sometimes scandalous Ali in Wonderland.

“Ali Wentworth is funny and warm and crazy all at once. Like Barbara Eden. But on something. Like crystal meth.” —Alec Baldwin
Animal Rites by Michael Panno (Author)
*** Finalist in the Thriller Catagory of the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards*** It’s 1995. Frank Noble is a Viet Nam vet and a retired Secret Service agent, living in a stone cabin in the Angeles National Forest, above Los Angeles. A family of bears live close by and Frank takes joy in observing and interacting with them. This all changes when two poachers kill two of the bears and cut out their bladders and remove their paws to sell on the black market. Little did the poachers know, they picked the wrong bears. Frank enlists the help of Marcell, a dwarf and former Circus Performer with his own dark past, who now lives in a cabin close to Frank, and the two of them set out for revenge. It is a journey that leads them into the seedy underworld of Animal parts, child pornography and prostitution.
The Deeds of the Disturber (The Amelia Peabody Murder Mysteries) by Elizabeth Peters (Author)
Back in London after an archaeological dig, adventurous sleuth Amelia Peabody—“rather like Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple all rolled into one”—discovers that a night watchman at the museum has perished in the shadow of a mummy case (The Washington Post Book World).

There are murmurings about an ancient curse, but a skeptical Amelia is determined to find an all-too-human killer. Soon, she’s balancing family demands, including the troubles of her precocious son, Ramses (aka Walter), with not just one unsolved crime, but two . . .
Such A Deal: Three Nice Jewish Detectives  by Julie Smith (Author),‎ Shelley Singer (Author),‎ Dick Cluster (Author),‎ Patty Friedmann (Author)
An anthology containing one each from THREE top-rated sleuth series by best-selling authors Shelley Singer, Julie Smith, and Dick Cluster, PLUS award-winning author Patty Friedmann’s powerful and emotional autobiographical novel.

Editor’s note: This book contains four complete novels.
The Good Lawyer: A Novel by Thomas Benigno (Author)
A young, ambitious lawyer is eager to prove he is better than the mobster dominated family he grew up in. Working as a Bronx Legal Aid Attorney he learns how to twist the system, how to become an unbeatable defense lawyer. But it’s 1982. The Spiderman rapist is on the loose and New York City is a city in fear. When an outraged victim commits suicide right before his eyes, searching for absolution and determined to prove his client’s innocense, he knocks the pegs out from under the prosecution’s case. Digging deeper, horrifying revealations about his family’s past collide with the true identity of the sadistic sociopath behind the real Spiderman’s rampage. In the process, this good lawyer comes face-to-face with his greatest conflict and deepest fear: to win, really win, must he sacrifice every principle he believes in and embrace his family’s mafia past to become judge, jury, and executioner?

Kindle April 13, 2018

Four Novels: Property Of, The Drowning Season, Fortune’s Daughter, and At Risk by Alice Hoffman (Author)
One of today’s most beloved authors of lyrical fiction with a touch of magic, Alice Hoffman boasts a body of work that has been praised by readers and critics from the very beginning. This collection includes her first novel, plus three more of her outstanding tales.

Property Of: Hoffman’s debut about teenage girls in mascara and leather and their attraction to local toughs is “a remarkably envisioned novel, almost mythic in its cadences” (The New York Times).

The Drowning Season intertwines the stories of two women named Esther: a granddaughter, who yearns to escape the Long Island shore and the coldness of the family matriarch; and her grandmother, who fled her abusive parents in Russia decades before. This novel “casts the spell of all great fairy tales. It takes daily life and transforms it into myth as we watch” (Chicago Sun-Times).

Fortune’s Daughter: A New York Times Notable Book, this luminous novel of a restless young traveler and a fortune-teller with a secret is a tribute to the profound mysteries of motherhood and childbirth from a writer who, in the words of Amy Tan, “takes seemingly ordinary lives and lets us see and feel extraordinary things.”

At Risk is a New York Times bestseller that “will leave few dry eyes” (Library Journal). In 1980s America, a family copes with their daughter’s terrifying AIDS diagnosis.
The Carlotta Carlyle Mysteries Volume One: The Snake Tattoo, Coyote, and Steel Guitar by Linda Barnes (Author)
In The Snake Tattoo, a London Times outstanding book of the year, Carlotta Carlyle’s former boss, Lieutenant Mooney, gets into a scrap with a stranger in a bar. When the stranger winds up comatose, Mooney is suspended, and he needs Carlotta to find the one woman who can exonerate him: a blond hooker with a snake tattoo. But when Carlotta picks up a second case—tracking down a prep school kid’s missing girlfriend—she’s drawn into two different yet deadly worlds.

Boston private investigators aren’t supposed to touch murder cases. But in Coyote, an illegal immigrant named Manuela Estefan has nowhere else to turn. She was mistakenly pronounced dead when her ID card was found on the body of a murdered woman near Fenway Park, and now she needs Carlotta to get her ID—and her life—back. But this wasn’t an isolated crime. A vicious killer is targeting Boston’s immigrant community . . . and could easily add Carlotta to the kill list.

In Steel Guitar, Carlotta, now a part-time taxi driver, is shocked to see blues superstar Dee Willis climb into her cab. They were friends in college—until Dee ran off with Carlotta’s husband. Now, Dee’s in town playing a concert and wants Carlotta’s help tracking down a mutual friend. But when a blackmail plot is uncovered and a corpse is found in Dee’s hotel room, Carlotta will have to work fast to keep Dee from becoming another casualty of the blues.
The Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society: A Novel by Darien Gee (Author)

At Madeline’s Tea Salon, the cozy hub of the Avalon community, local residents scrapbook their memories and make new ones. But across town, other Avalonians are struggling to free themselves of the past…

Isabel Kidd is fixing up her ramshackle house while sorting through the complications of her late husband’s affair. Ava Catalina is mourning the love of her life and helping her young son grow up without his father. Local plumber Yvonne Tate is smart, beautiful, and new to Avalon, but finds that despite a decade of living life on her own terms, the past has a way of catching up—no matter where she goes. And Frances Latham, mother to a boisterous brood of boys, eagerly anticipates the arrival of a little girl from China—unprepared for the emotional roller coaster of foreign adoption.

Enter Bettie Shelton, the irascible founder of the Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society. Under Bettie’s guidance, even the most reluctant of Avalon’s residents come to terms with their past and make bold decisions about their future. But when the group receives unexpected news about their steadfast leader, they must pull together to create something truly memorable.

By turns humorous, wise, and deeply moving, The Avalon Ladies Scrapbooking Society is a luminous reminder that the things we hold most dear will last a lifetime.
Stolen Memories Boxset: A Collection of Gripping Mysteriesby Alexandria Clarke (Author)
Mystery mastermind Alexandria Clarke brings you the complete collection of the highly-rated “Missed Connections and The Professor” Series. These stories have accumulated over 100+ reviews and have been boxed together for the first time!

Missed Connections
How far would you go for revenge? Veronica Bauer isn’t above homicide. Twelve years after a ruthless attack killed her mother and put her father in prison, she embarks on a mission to bring the real culprits to justice. As bodies start to drop, Detective Sheila Arden is assigned to the gruesome case, but she soon discovers that the truth is more complicated than she thought. In a riveting game of cat and mouse, each woman challenges the other to reach new heights.

The Professor
Following the mysterious disappearance of her history professor, Nicole Costello discovers that her prestigious university is home to an elite secret society with questionable moral standards. Can Nicole crack the case of her missing professor and finish her thesis paper, or will Nicole herself crack under the pressure?
Unforgettable Suspense – Hot and Dangerous (Unforgettables Book 5) by Mimi Barbour (Author),‎ Mona Risk (Author),‎ Dani Haviland (Author),‎ Joan Reeves (Author),‎ Natalie Ann (Author),‎ Patricia Rosemoor (Author),‎ Rebecca York (Author),‎ Nancy Radke (Author)
Eight electrifying page-turners will keep you spellbound and in love with characters you won’t want to leave. Read about a young girl’s retaliation, intrigues and crimes in a high rise, secret loves, lies & passion, revenge, dead bodies and virgin pool boys. These gripping stories will offer heart-pounding entertainment until the very end. If you like unforgettable suspense then you’ll LOVE this collection.
New York Times and USA Today best-selling, award-winning authors present the first romantic suspense collection in the UNFORGETTABLES SERIES

SWEET RETALIATION, Mimi Barbour, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author: A gripping story about one woman’s quest for justice!

NEIGHBORS AND MORE, Mona Risk, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author: When a neighbor dies in a Florida High Rise, it’s suddenly too close for comfort in the building.

POOL BOY WANTED: No Experience Preferred, Dani Haviland, USA Today bestselling author: He’d never known a woman before, and that’s just how she liked it.

HEAT LIGHTNING, Joan Reeves, New York Times and USA Today bestselling: Amnesia stole her memory–her life! What Tessa doesn’t remember may be the death of her.

SECRET LOVE, Natalie Ann, Award-winning author: Danger is just as blind as love.

SHEER PLEASURE, Patricia Rosemoor, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author: Annie never dreamed her fantasies would lead to danger.

Rx MISSING, Rebecca York, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author: Are Marc and a group of strangers trapped in a mind-control experiment?

SPIRIT OF A CHAMPION, Nancy Radke, USA Today bestselling author: A champion who won’t quit. Even when men are sent to kill her.