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Military January 25, 2021

DOD: Medal of Honor Monday: Army PFC Jose Valdez; Vermont cavalry squadron cleared to recruit women; New Defender SUVs provide cooler, smoother ride for canines and more ->
Military.com: 5 Days into Presidency, Biden Overturns Effective Ban on Transgender Military Service; Military News Ex-VA Doctor Who Misdiagnosed Patient Sentenced to Prison; Lawmaker Calls for Hearing on Why National Guard Troops Ordered Out of Capitol and more ->

Task & Purpose: Fort Bliss soldier charged with two counts of murder and laundry list of other offenses The soldier faces more than a dozen charges.; Meet the US Marine building electric skateboards and robots in his spare time Get outta here with the “crayon eaters” trope.; A beloved blade and other everyday carry items of America’s former top first responder “I’m generally averse to wearing a coat and tie.” More ->


Just A Car Guy: Ty2-1035, is one of just 54 remaining. Having been largely forgotten for 35 years at a local railway, the 90-ton goliath of Poland’s WW2 history was erected, by artist Andrzej Jarodski, probably to redirect the Nazi use of the trains in their genocide of millions of Jewish in concentration camps, into a train to religious heaven
Just A Car Guy: tip of the hat and applause to Rep Madison Cawthorne, who brought pizza and offered a place to sleep to the troops who Biden forgot, after the powers that be decided that 25,000 national guard troops needed to sleep on the floors of parking garages in Washington DC