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Music August 10, 2023

It’s been a great odyssey,” he said of his career during a 2008 interview with The Detroit News.

“All those years, you know, I always considered myself a musician. But, reality happened.”
Sixto Diaz Rodriguez (July 10, 1942 – August 8, 2023), known professionally as Rodriguez, was an American singer-songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. Though his career was initially met with little fanfare in the United States, he found success in South Africa, Australia (touring the country twice in his earlier career), and New Zealand. Unbeknownst to him for decades, his music was extremely successful and influential in South Africa, where he is believed to have sold more records than Elvis Presley,[1][2] as well as other countries in southern Africa. Information about him was scarce, and it was incorrectly rumored there that he had died by suicide shortly after releasing his second album.[3]

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