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Military July 23, 2022

Military.com: 2 Soldiers Connected to the Mystery of Decapitated Paratrooper Convicted of Non-Violent Charges and more ->


Task & Purpose: This World War I battlefield is on fire and exploding 100-year-old ordnance The war to end all wars isn’t done ravaging the continent. And more ->

DoD: Northcom Commander: We Need Better Domain Awareness; DOD Secures Critical Material for James Webb Space Telescope and more ->
The Untold Past: The HORRIFIC Torture Of The Women Who Slept With German Soldiers

World History: Anna Hempel – Bestial Nazi Guard at Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp – Holocaust – World War 2
World War Two 204 – After a Victory at Kursk The Soviets Attack Everywhere – WW2 – July 23 1943
Jocko Podcast 343: American Intelligence Assessment of Nazi Military 1942
Team Never Quit LONE SURVIVOR FOUNDATION with Air Force Msgt John “Spike” Garcia and Marine Clayton “Clay” Cook


Mike Glover Actual: The Eli Drill
The FieldCraft Survival Channel: Home invasion caught on RING camera… with kids in the house


Military January 20, 2022

Task & Purpose: 2 Marines killed, 17 injured in vehicle rollover near Camp Lejeune Emergency personnel are on the scene.; A soldier was beheaded at Fort Bragg. Over a year later, the Army still doesn’t know why The case of Spc. Enrique Roman-Martinez “remains unsolved.”;
Marine Corps says goodbye to its ‘Island Warrior’ infantry battalion after 80 years “It is still hard to say goodbye to a unit that has so completely defined the experience of being a Marine.”; There’s an abandoned Air Force base with underground tunnels for sale on Facebook right now A small police call of the property may be required and more ->

Military.com: House Approves Bill to Automatically Enroll Vets in VA Health Care; Lawmakers Want the Pentagon to Waive Tricare Copays on Birth Control Services; Alec Baldwin Sued for Defamation by Family of Slain Marine and more ->
By T.L.K., The War Horse: Even Democracy Requires Constant Vigilance From Corrosive Attacks Within

Rare Historical Photos: When the US military pushed helicopters overboard to make room for the last evacuees of the Vietnam War, 1975





Military December 06, 2020

Task & Purpose: Fort Bragg paratrooper found dead this summer was decapitated, autopsy says and more ->
By Courtesy, National Guard: Retired pararescueman partners with Guardian Angels for rescue and more ->
Military.com: Of Course Chuck Norris Needs a Tank to Celebrate a Proper Christmas; Sexual Misconduct Allegations Cast Shadow on Nonprofit that Works with Colleges to Help Injured Veterans and more ->







Military July 17, 2020

Miltary.com: Outdated Policies, Conflicts of Interest Hinder VA’s Efforts to Stop Sexual Harassment: GAO; Family of Murdered Fort Bragg Paratrooper Seeks Answers; Lawmakers Want Medals, Not Certificates, to Honor Veterans Involved in Nuclear Testing; All Fires on the Bonhomme Richard Are Now Out, Navy Says and more ->
Task & Purpose: ‘There are no barriers’ — Meet the first female commander of the 1st Special Operations Wing; Marine Corps quietly cuts ties with former top Tucker Carlson writer after racist and sexist posts surface; It’s not just the Confederate flag: the Pentagon’s new ban may apply to the Jolly Roger; ‘Every generation has its heroes’ — Army veteran who stopped active shooter awarded Soldier’s Medal and more ->






Military July 01, 2020

Military.com: 1 Suspect Dead, 1 in Custody in Connection with Pfc. Vanessa Guillen’s Disappearance; Army Increases Reward to $25K in Death of Fort Bragg Paratrooper; Woman Who Faked Death After Cheating VA Out of $300,000 Now Headed to Prison and more ->
Task & Purpose: F-16CM pilot killed in latest Air Force crash; Civilian suspect taken into custody during search for missing Fort Hood soldier; Unidentified human remains found during investigation into missing Fort Hood soldier; Family of dead Marine says US ‘absolutely’ needs to launch investigation into Taliban attack with suspected Russian ties; ’40 Thieves on Saipan’ — New book recounts epic struggle of Marine snipers in WWII and more ->
DOD: Hall of Fame Pitcher, Olympic Champion Sprinter Both Served in the Military; Face of Defense: From Peru to U.S. Navy Chief; Enhancing Security and Stability in Afghanistan and more ->
By Michael Stahl, Narratively: The Deadliest Marksman’s Cold, Brave Stand Eighty years ago, a freezing Finnish farm boy took aim at the unstoppable Red Army — and became the greatest sharpshooter the world has ever seen.





Military June 09, 2020

Military.com: 18-Year-Old Marine Infantryman Dies After PT at Camp Lejeune; Army Report: Killing of Utah Mayor in Afghanistan Was Planned; Coast Guard Academy Faulted on Response to Racial Incidents; What Are the Free Speech Rules for Military Spouses? This Veteran-Owned Coffee Company Wants to Change How You Drink Coffee and more ->
Task & Purpose: Army offers $15K for information on suspected murder of 82nd Airborne soldier; Here’s an organization that’s giving back to those who serve during these trying times and more ->
DOD: Naval Academy Grad David Robinson Nicknamed ‘The Admiral’; Packing Resilience: Idaho Airmen Deploy During COVID-19 Pandemic and more ->