Tag: Sugar Lime Blue RIP Russ Dean

Music February 09, 2020

I have tried to be a good person in this world, to try not to take more than I give back and love others as I would have them love me. But I have not always succeeded, I’m not perfect and some people are broken in this world and though we can love them, we can not fix what ails them – their separation from the Spirit. I am fortunate for those who came before me, using art to send a message of what is possible in this world. I could not be the person I am today without those who felt the calling to tell me about myself, and my place here amongst them. Every work of art is the self calling out to the other selfs, “Here I am!” In essence I am but a cup filled with everyone I’ve met – through music, literature, movies, paintings and the great stage that is existence. You are unique in this world. There shall never be another like you and yet we share in that. We are not alone or separated, except by our own imaginations. We are all reflections of everything around us.

Thank you for reflecting into me. Into us.
– Russ Dean