Tag: The History Guy: Cruise of the Black Terror

Military July 11, 2022

DoD: Feature Medal of Honor Monday: Army Staff Sgt. Gerald Leon Endl and more ->

Military.com: ‘This Guy Saved Me’: After 50 Years, Two Vietnam Veterans Reunite; The Navy’s First Vietnamese Admiral Saw His Family Killed by an Infamous Viet Cong Guerrilla and more ->

Task & Purpose: As troops face mounting demands to serve in crises, civilian employers are firing them Inside the fight to improve working conditions for service members, even when they’re called to serve in an emergency. And more ->

The History Guy: Cruise of the Black Terror
The Untold Past: The DISGUSTING Crimes Of Anton Dostler – The German General In Italy


Mark Felton Productions: WW2 Japanese Soldier Found in Ukraine


Voices of History: THE WAR ROOM PT. I – USMC Master Gunnery Sgt. Keith Arnold Renstrom 4th Marine Div. WWII Iwo Jima
The Unknowns: A documentary about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and the Sentinels who stand guard at our Nation’s most sacred shrine 24/7.
Jocko: 341: Simple Rules To Become A Better Person and Leader.

Mike Ritland: Navy SEAL Ultrarunner Chadd Wright | Podcast Episode 101

Black Rifle Coffee Podcast: Ep 215 Travis Denman