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Military September 21, 2020

DOD: Medal of Honor Monday: Marine Lance Cpl. Jedh Barker
Military.com: How Ruth Bader Ginsburg Helped End the Military’s Policy of Forced Abortion; 2 Army Recruits Save Fellow Trainee’s Life at Basic Training; 2 Aid Workers Hunting for WWII Bombs in Solomon Islands Killed by One and more ->
Task & Purpose: Anna Claire Vollers, Alabama Media Group How Ruth Bader Ginsburg and an Air Force officer opened doors for women everywhere and more ->
DOD: Pompeo, Esper Announce Return of Iran Sanctions and more
By Francine Uenuma, Smithsonian Magazine: The Deadliest Disaster at Sea Killed Thousands, Yet Its Story Is Little-Known. Why? In the final months of World War II, German citizens and soldiers fleeing the Soviet army died when the “Wilhelm Gustloff” sank.



John Cronin has lived a life of adventure from serving in Vietnam with Marine Recon and Force Recon to traveling to Rhodesia where he served in the RLI and Selous Scouts. Afterwards he pursued academics going to school in the Middle East, and even got kidnapped in Beirut.