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Debra Lynn Dadd | Live Toxic Free This is the last newsletter of 2017

Debra Lynn Dadd | Live Toxic Free This is the last newsletter of 2017.

Every year at this time I take a few weeks off for “hibernation.” It’s a slow time for my work because of the holidays and taking a hibernation gives me an opportunity to rest and renew and work behind the scenes on website improvements.

For the past few months I’ve been working on cleaning up and streamlining my website. I’ve been doing a big project of fixing 800+ broken links and am almost done with that. Yay!

While working on the broken links I noticed there were a number of posts that needed to be removed for various reasons, such as business no longer in business, or information from the past no longer revenant. So I’m starting to spend a bit of time each day going through my website and looking at each page and post to see what needs removing or updating.

It’s a big job to do this, but the theme of my life right now is to discard anything that is no longer needed or relevant to make it easier to do the things I am wanting to do today. And I’m applying this to my website as well.

I also will be working on some new content that I’m really excited about.

So have a very happy, toxic free holiday season, and I’ll see you in January!

Debra 🙂