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Military July 21, 2022

Military.com: Lightning Strike Kills Soldier, Injures 9 at Fort Gordon; White House Slams Senator for Delaying Defense Confirmations over Resignation Demands and more ->


Task & Purpose: A desperate Marine vet robbed a bank after the VA missed his disability payment. A new movie explores why The story of Lance Cpl. Brian Easley will be depicted in the film “Breaking” which debuts in August.; ‘I need a cleanup crew’ — Navy pilot describes crapping his pants at 30,000 feet Yes, it was a shi@@@ situation.; Top Air Force scientist allegedly got a sex worker a military research job so he could have an affair A top civilian scientist working for the Air Force allegedly got a colleague to hire a prostitute for a job she was not qualified for on a propulsion research team.; ‘This is an Army problem’ — Service leaders outline plan to address bleak recruiting crisis “This is not a recruiter problem. This is an Army problem.” And more ->


DoD: Southcom Commander: ‘This Is Our Neighborhood’ and more ->

The Untold Past: The JUSTIFIED Execution Of The Commandant Of Dachau – Martin Gottfried Weiss


Warrior Poet Society: Help FIX my Friends GUN!


Benny Winslow, Raid Force – The Movie | Military documentary (NAVY & MARINES)