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Military December 10 & 11, 2021

Military.com: Oklahoma Guard Leader Tells Vaccine Refusers to Prepare for ‘Career Ending Federal Action’; Navy Commander Fired After Refusing to Get COVID Vaccine; Former Fort Hood Soldier Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison for Strangling Woman to Death; Navy Blames Hawaii Water Contamination on Jet Fuel Spill and more ->
Task & Purpose: Guantanamo Bay prison has outlasted the War in Afghanistan and it’s not going anywhere Nearly 800 people have been held at the prison since it opened in 2002.; A Marine veteran was denied his disability benefits for 40 years. He sued the VA and won ‘It’s unfortunate it took decades to ultimately resolve this case’ And more ->
DoD: News Officials Describe DOD’s Efforts to Mitigate Impacts of PFAS Chemicals; DOD Official Outlines 2022 National Defense Strategy in CNAS Forum and more ->
DoD: Oklahoma Air Guard pilot receives Distinguished Flying Cross and more ->