14 Mile Farm -> Next on Stones that Heal : magical wefts for some very special cowls

By Jasmine Johnson-Kennedy Next on Stones that Heal: magical wefts for some very special cowls

I’m really excited about the next batch of pieces that will be coming off of the Stones that Heal warp. The warp itself is hand dyed supima cotton, and is inspired by a selection of healing crystals and stones that are particularly good allies for the postpartum parent. While these stones were selected for their energetic qualities with the intensely sacred and vulnerable postpartum period in mind, they can be supportive allies at other life stages as well! The warp is dyed in the colors of Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Moonstone, Chrysocolla, Lapis Lazuli, Larimar, clear Quartz, and Flourite. Invoking the energies of these stones : unconditional love, spiritual protection, inner growth, empowerment and inner wisdom, strength and protection, physical and emotional healing, clarity, and the ability to neutralize negativity and stress – has been such a beautiful part of the process of preparing this warp ->


For any fellow spinners who are interested in such things, you can get your own Moonstone, Tanzanite, and Lapis fiber from the amazing Jill at Hipstrings. The Serpentine is from Inglenook Fibers but appears to be sold out. Their Aventurine blend is amazing though, and will be the weft for my personal piece on this warp!

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