907 Updates August 10, 2018

By Chris Klint: Man whose nose was bitten in fight set free
Anchorage District Attorney Rick Allen said Thursday afternoon that the change of jurisdiction stems from the definition of second-degree assault, the felony with which Russell was originally charged, calling for an attack to be committed with a “dangerous instrument.” Allen’s office generally prosecutes local felonies, while Theno’s handles misdemeanors.
By Liz Thomas: More victims accuse former D&B’s employee of sexual assault
By Daniella Rivera: Video shows woman shooting up in Downtown
By Chris Klint: APD: Clerk made illegal database searches
By Devin Kelly: DOT crackdown on political campaign signs stirs up complaints, fury
By Beth Verge: ‘Don’t give up’: Decades after search began, sibling strangers unite in Anchorage
By Josh Niva: ‘It’s still wild out here’: Anchorage hip-hop artist Tayy Tarantino chronicles hard truths

By Erica Martinson: Federal government VIPs are heading to Alaska during congressional break
ITG: JBER hosts second VIP
By Victoria Taylor: What does ‘Space Force’ look like for Alaskans?
By Makayla Clark: Backpacks, school supplies given to military children
Is this really the best and safest use of the land?
By Lauren Maxwell: Could Native Hospital site become an urban farm?
By Jeff Lowenfels: See these charming purple flowers in your yard? Destroy them immediately.
By Beth Bragg: Alaska high school football is a whole new game this season
By Tracy Sinclare; Volcano observatory leaps forward into the digital age
By Anchorage Daily News: Coming up: A big weed festival with a big musical lineup, free tattoos and Augtoberfest comes to Denali
By Catherine Armstrong: The Quaint Little Town In Alaska That Will Steal Your Heart Forever
By Richard Mauer: Will the Democratic primary winner just be fodder against Don Young?
By John Tracy: Reality Check: Baked Alaskans?