907 Updates August 31, 2017

By Travis Khachatoorian: With more cultivators coming online, Alaska’s marijuana industry hits new tax highs
4-25 brigade is set for Afghan deployment
By Kyle Hopkins: Anchorage Baptist Temple radio broadcast draws FCC warning
So is he in a secure facility?
By Leroy Polk: 91-year-old man accused of killing his wife deemed incompetent, case dismissed
By Heather Hintze: Anchorage man sentenced to 50 years for killing caregiver
Judge Saxby accepted the plea deal, which sentenced Miller to 50 years in jail. He would be eligible for parole in about 16 years but his attorney said because of Miller’s declining health it’s unlikely he would live to see that day.
By Chris Klint: Fairbanks militia leader to be resentenced after partial appeal victory
Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Skrocki said Wednesday afternoon that Cox was set to serve his sentences on the other counts consecutively, making it unlikely that Tuesday’s decision would significantly alter his prison time.

“We’ll have to see what the court does, but we expect the sentence to remain unchanged,” Skrocki said. “Because of the conspiracy to commit murder (conviction) being upheld, we are not going to appeal the Ninth Circuit on the solicitation count.”

By Liz Raines: Sexual assault in Alaska: A state disaster?

“I’ve decided that it might actually be powerful for a man to stand up and say that sexual assault is wrong,” Hirsch said.

Hirsch says a disaster declaration is a good way to get more men in leadership roles, like the governor, speaking out and condemning the violence in a big, public way.

Since publishing his article, Hirsch says he’s received emails from dozens of victims in Alaska who were anxious to share their stories.
By Leroy Polk: Another Alaska cabin site burned, another threatening note left behind
By Steffi Lee: Fair officials retract statement on Confederate flag merchandise sales

By Laurel Downing Bill: Story time with Aunt Phil: Founder’s Day

By Laurel Downing Bill: Story Time with Aunt Phil: Black Wolf Squadron

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