907 Updates August 31, 2018

By Victoria Taylor: Activist, Mentor, Friend & Father: Remembering Clifford Black
By Leroy Polk: The First Lady’ of Mountain View meth ring arrested in sting operation along with husband
By Chris Klint: 1 Kodiak man dead, 1 rescued after boat capsizes
By Leroy Polk: Woman injured after falling off the ‘Zipper’ ride at the Alaska State Fair
By Heather Hintze: Charges: Slain Willow woman’s body was ‘severely burned’
By Laurel Andrews: Anchorage man charged with sexually assaulting passenger on Alaska Airlines flight
By Associated Press: Anchorage man accused of sex assault on Alaska Airlines flight
By Derek Minemyer: A look into the life of Nicholas M. Stevens, the man accused of alleged abusive sexual contact on Alaska Airlines flight
By Kyle Hopkins: 17 registered voters in a single mobile home? New questions raised in East Anchorage legislative race.
By Cameron Mackintosh: Should Anchorage police officers be equipped with Narcan?
By Daniella Rivera: Customers troubled by Alaska ad site’s incessant emails
By Lauren Maxwell: Muni hears comments, fields team on homelessness
By Megan Mazurek: Mic Check in the Morning: Sua-Mailealo family
Reality Check John Tracy: Reality Check: Remembering Sen. John McCain
By Courtney: The Frozen Underground Tunnel In Alaska That You Have To See To Believe
By Carey Seward: Follow This Picturesque Trail In Alaska For Staggering Views
By Carey Seward: Follow This Abandoned Railroad Trail For One Of The Most Unique Hikes In Alaska