907 Updates February 22, 2019

By Daniela Rivera: Missing or murdered: What happened to Linda Skeek?
By Leroy Polk: Fairbanks man arrested for striking family’s car, shooting at them, AST says
KTOO Public Media: ‘The community spirit keeps us warm’: Exchange students from Muslim countries feel welcome in Juneau, Sitka; Three people seriously injured in five-car crash in Juneau; Alaska ferries freeze autumn ticket sales amid uncertain future and more ->
Alaska Native News: Former Kotzebue Postmaster Indicted on Drug Conspiracy Charges; Wasilla Woman Arrested for Felony DUI after being Found Passed out at the Three Bear Gas Pumps; AST Jail Nenana Man on Multiple Charges Following Machete Incident and more ->
Fairbanks News Webcenter 11: Woman who fought for civil rights for the indigenous people across the state of Alaska was celebrated last night; New Airport Renovation Planned for 2021; An update on the women who shot herself in the chest yesterday. And more ->
By Scott Gross: Government Hill among 6 schools across the globe chosen for satellite internet program
As being chosen as of the six global schools, Government Hill also receives free internet from OneWeb.
How will they protect the area from two and four legged vandals?
By Lauren Maxwell: Bears could be barrier to Muldoon park food forest
Rafuse said the project has also received several grants, including a $750,000 grant from the federal government that was awarded with the understanding that the public plantings were part of it.

Ultimately, he said, the project will have to be approved by the municipality’s Parks and Recreation and Urban Design commissions before it can go through.
By Heather Hintze: Palmer recycling center creates financial ‘safety net’ as market prices drop
By Lisa Demer: Meet Rasmuson Foundation’s four new staff members
By Shawn Wilson: After playing for charity, an Alaska teen guitarist will get to play at world music festival