907 Updates February 23, 2018

By Zaz Hollander: 3 dead in Anchorage townhouse fire
By Laurel Andrews: 10 men face federal gun charges related to Anchorage car thefts
By Nathaniel Herz: Young wants guns for teachers; Murkowski says “no easy answers” on school shootings

JUNEAU — U.S. Rep. Don Young said Thursday that he supports arming teachers, while Sen. Lisa Murkowski urged patience and cooperation in response to the nation’s latest school shooting.

Young, R-Alaska, in a sharp exchange with one of his Democratic challengers at a Juneau conference of municipal officials, said guns aren’t the problem. Instead, he pointed to mental illness and people’s exposure to “violence beyond anyone’s imagination” in video games.

“Up until 40 years ago, kids brought to school every day: guns. They didn’t shoot anybody. Something’s happened,” he said. “It is easy to blame an object — why don’t we look at the mental concept and the family structure?

By Chris Klint: Teen detained in alleged threat against Ninilchik School
By Jeff Lowenfels: How to de-ice your walkways without killing your yard
By Michelle Theriault Boots: Professionals wage war on head lice – and stigma – in Anchorage
By Lauren Maxwell: Friends of Pets offers free spay, neuter coupons at AACC
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