907 Updates January 11, 2017

Samson has his “Trump” on!


Not sure how well this will work for victims the long run.
Alex DeMarban: State signs landmark deal to allow tribal prosecution of low-level crimes


Good.  Unfortunately her life reads like a train wreck. She would have had to live with the fact she murdered an infant, her daughter.
Jerzy Shedlock: Murder defendant dies after being found unresponsive in jail cell
Laurel Andrews: Stray dog brought to Anchorage tests positive for rabies


Excellent news!  Plus the drug companies are not making obscene profits on people’s pain.
Devin Kelly: Number of Anchorage pot shops will double with new approvals


Mike Dunham: Wildflower wizard Verna Pratt dies in Anchorage


Elwood Brehmer: Study: New North Pacific fleet would cost $11.6B