907 Updates January 20, 2017

Obviously it’s not important to them.
Nathaniel Herz: Budget presentation by Walker administration marked by lawmakers’ empty seats


People need to pay attention. They need to stay in their lanes. Beautiful summer day, roads are clearly, repeatedly marked: construction zone, double fine zone, no passing zone, 45mph and we saw a woman pass the cop directly in front of her.  I imagine the ticket he wrote was expensive and had a few points against her license.
Devin Kelly: Picturesque but accident-prone stretch of Seward Highway inches toward upgrades


Chris Klint: Survey: Alaska women report ‘very high’ rate of stalking


 Ingrid D. Johnson: Reject any normalization of sexual violence


What needs be done to get the message across to these creeps(?) that their actions are not acceptable? Jail time,  learning lesson, restitution?
Laurel Andrews: 3 suspected of breaking into vacant Anchorage rental home arrested for burglary, criminal mischief