907 Updates January 25, 2017

Alex DeMarban: Southcentral Foundation sues tribal health partner, charging ‘power grab’ tied to pay raises


Remember the math program that failed students forever 17 years?  School board knew it wasn’t working but kept using it.  The school board has not shown common sense in the past, so now they are spending money they really don’t have.
Tegan Hanlon: School Board votes to spend over $10M in savings



Congratulations Andrew Kurka!
Beth Bragg: Alaska sit-skier Andrew Kurka blazes to world championship


Devin Kelly: Assembly rejects most ballot questions but OKs vote for parks service area


Tank Farms venting? No concerns over health issues?
Annie Zak: Condo development planned for Ship Creek land owned by Alaska Railroad



Presented by BP SPONSORED:  At Cottonwood Creek Elementary, a lesson in the power of perseverance
The most valuable lesson? Hard work and determination will get you far in the classroom, and in life.